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WDYTYA series for expat viewers

Discuss this year's series, featuring celebrities including June Brown, JK Rowling, Sebastian Coe and Alan Carr

WDYTYA series for expat viewers

Postby murraysd » Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:59 pm

As a family history enthusiast who currently lives overseas, it is becoming more and more frustrating that we are unable to see the latest series until they are made available later (often after several years) on DVD, and then at considerable cost. Particularly when we receive email updates extolling the virtues of the latest series.

We currently pay the full TV Licence fee, but due to living abroad most of the year, we are unable to either see or download the WDYTYA series. When will something be done about this? There must be many family history enthusiast expats in the same situation. In this digital global world, the BBC needs to consider a wider market and its British customers overseas, who feel very let down.
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