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Alice Josephine Martin & Marion McConochie - Illegitimate???

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Re: Alice Josephine Martin & Marion McConochie - Illegitimat

Postby AdrianB38 » Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:52 pm

Kymbers wrote:.... Mrs Hannah Chisholm or Mrs McConochie. I'm guessing they might not have been legally married with references to both. ...

Be aware that it was the custom and practice in Scotland for many years, to refer to a married woman by her maiden name as much, if not more than, her married name. I would expect a will to refer to a married woman by both names.

(I once killed off an ancestor too soon because she was in the census under her maiden name. Murphy's Law said there was another woman with the same married name, birthplace and age who I had presumed was her. )

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Re: Alice Josephine Martin & Marion McConochie - Illegitimat

Postby lindyb1954 » Thu Aug 28, 2014 6:18 pm


Hannah Chisholm and Hannah McConchie are likely to be the same person as in scotland the ladies often keep their maiden surname and most revert to it on becoming a widow.
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Re: Alice Josephine Martin & Marion McConochie - Illegitimat

Postby Kymbers » Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:33 am

Sylcec wrote:Marion Hill, formerly McConochie, nee? - yes, I'm afraid the indication from her marriage certificate to James Edward Hill is that she was illegitimate. The situation with regard to James Hill's father is more ambiguous, by saying his father is deceased but not naming him could mean pretty well anything!

Alice Josephine Martin should have been relatively easy to find, however, I note that on the 1901 census, there is no indication of a middle name. Presumably this appears on her marriage cert. (If they were R.C. could 'Josephine ' have been a baptismal or confirmation name added later but not part of her birth registered name?) I did a first name search for Alice J in Essex *1883-1884 on Free BMD and there were plenty of "Alice Jane" and even a couple of "Alice Jessie" but no Alice Josephines.
*Leytonstone is in Essex, so her birth should be registered in that county. These are the Alices:
Births Jun 1882 Martin Alice Braintree 4a 519
Births Sep 1882 Martin Alice Lucy Edmonton 3a 316
Births Mar 1883 MARTIN Alice Romford 4a 309
Births Jun 1883 MARTIN Alice Martha B. Stortford 3a 417
Births Sep 1883 Martin Alice W.Ham 4a 164
Births Dec 1884 Martin Alice Maud Romford 4a 318

The birth at W.Ham reg Sep 1883 is most likely as this takes in parish of Leyton.

Also consider that 'Marion' may once have been Mary Ann[e]!
Hopefully Brian or Colin will come up with something else.

After leaving my research for a few years, I decided to go over some old ground and came across your message. I sent for the West Ham Birth (don't know why I didn't do this before) and it looks as though this is my Alice. B 16th July 1883 - Union Workhouse, Leytonstone. Mother: Mary Ann McConochie. Father Joseph Charles Martin Occupation: Seaman.

It's possible that on her marriage cert she mixed up the order of her father's name as he may have died when she was very young (I've now to try and find him as I don't believe it's the one I thought it was). Meanwhile her mother Mary Ann / Marion is still elusive.

At least now I'm a little nearer. Thank you for your help.
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