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Best forums?

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Best forums?

Postby Christiner1 » Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:20 am

I’ve dabbled in genealogy for years but now I’ve retired I’ve taken it up again with renewed enthusiasm. I was interested to see your reviews on forums as I’ve reached the stage where I want to move my research on further and felt I could benefit from help. My mother’s family is Scottish so I took your recommendation in the September issue to join Scotfamtree forum.

Having had a good look round over the last few weeks I can honestly say it is the worst forum I have ever come across and I’m really annoyed I wasted £8 of my pension joining it on your recommendation. At best it’s a gossip shop for a small clique of regulars. I would estimate 90% of the posts are non-genealogy including the highest use of smilies and self-congratulatory “thank you” posts I’ve ever seen. The quality of the advice is Ok, but no better than is available on any other forums I’ve visited recently. I’m left wondering if your rating as 5th best forum was actually tongue-in-cheek and I’d love to know if the author had a financial interest in this site? I’ll be sticking to free forums in future and will think very carefully before spending any money based on your recommendations.
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Re: Best forums?

Postby Editor » Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:51 am

Hi Christiner1, I'm sorry you have been disappointed by Scotfamtree. I've forwarded your comments on to the author to find out what criteria he used to select the site. We do try to select free websites where appropriate for our 'best websites' so I am surprised that this was a site that charges for membership as we would normally mention this in the copy.

At least it hasn't put you off using this forum and I am sure that there are other users here who can recommend a good Scottish forum for you.


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Re: Best forums?

Postby Christiner1 » Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:30 am

Thanks Sarah. I'm just angry at myself as I thought I was old enough to know better! There is a bit of the site which is free, maybe 20%, but nothing much happens there and it's heavily biased towards asking you to subscribe as interesting posts are moved into the hidden sections. So far I'm finding the Rootschat Scotland boards much better help and well laid out, so at least one of your recommendations was OK. And of course here is very interesting, although not concentrated on Scotland.

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Re: Best forums?

Postby scotfamted » Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:11 pm

Hello Christiner1,

First of all, I'd just like to say that I'm so sorry that you're not enjoying your time with us on Scotfamtree, but I'm also somewhat shocked and dismayed by your comments. The majority of the posts on SFT are of a genealogical nature so I'm wondering if you are actually using our forum???? Scotfamtree are known as 'The Friendly Forum' within genealogical circles as we tend to be more 'user friendly' than many others out there, who shall remain nameless. We do not encourage or tolerate any nastiness or 'unfriendly' behaviour. Members on our forum are always treated kindly and with respect, no matter what their genealogy query may be.

On checking our forum, I'm afraid I've been unable to identify you from our list of subscription members therefore I'm assuming that you have joined SFT with a different username from the one you have used on this forum?

We have a vast amount of Scottish look ups available in our subscription section which no other Scottish or even Worldwide forum could better. If that makes us the worst you've ever come across......?? Please feel free to contact me on SFT or on this forum and I'll see if I can help

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Re: Best forums?

Postby jocktamson » Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:12 pm

Hello christiner1/other forum users

My name is jock tamson and I'm the admin for ScotFamTree(the friendly forum)

I am shocked and stunned to read that you feel you have wasted £8 for a years subscription! We have well over 500+ look-ups onsite and our mods and members offer the best help with regards to Scottish ancestry.

Christiner1 maybe you can enlighten me here? Were we not able to further your research in the past few weeks?Did you post in Tier2 and receive no replies?Did you find our brickwall or document decipher section failing?Maybe Tier3 was of no value to you?

You have mentioned that 90% of our(190,000+)topics are non-genealogical !?Well I have the stats for our site and I can see from the figures around 55% are genealogical based , 30% are social historical and the remainder consist of genealogical links/introductions and our ''members chat area'',where members can and do talk about everything.....and I mean everything !

Christiner1,if you had complained on the forum or contacted me direct , I'm sure we would have tried everything in our power to make your year a worthwhile one. When all is said and done though , you only get-out what you put-in.

Please feel free to pm me on the forum and I will do my best to make your stay with us a worthwhile experience.



p.s A quick check of our subscription members since 20th August shows us that only 3 members have subscribed in that time and only 2 have posted once and one member has not yet posted !! only get-out , what you put-in !

Christer1,you mention above that you are enjoying ''rootschat''s help?? you didn't join rootschat till AFTER you submitted your second post here.........very strange !

"Friendly Forum we may be, Stupid Forum we are not" ;)
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Re: Best forums?

Postby scotfamted » Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:56 pm

Since reading Christiner1's post on here, I immediately flagged it up on the members voicebox on the SFT forum. Here is a reply from one of our members

Can't believe that.

I must admit that I'm not a member of any other forum to compare SFT to objectively.... but to me, the fact that I signed up for one forum that helped me so much that I didn't need to join any others speaks for itself!!

Would be interesting to see what she's posted on this site, if anything at all. I find it amazing how much help is available here from our mods and regulars, and how much of their own time they spend helping other people - and that's impossible to miss looking through the forum!!

If she's posted here and anyone has been less than helpful to her, I'll give her the 8 quid back myself


self congratulatory thank you posts?

One of my favourite things about this forum is that it's more than people with a shared interest in genealogy. It's a proper community.

Why is that a bad thing???

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Re: Best forums?

Postby lizanne » Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:12 pm

Hello Christiner1 and other forum users,
I too am shocked at your comments on the Scotfamtree forum .
I just could not believe what you are saying about the forum.
I have been using the forum for almost 4 years and I think that it is the BEST genealogical forum on the web.
In the free section there is a lot on offer and you will still get lots of help from both moderators and fellow members.
Yes part of the forum is subscription but documents and certificates cannot be posted in the free section as the sites copyright licence strictly forbids that.
For your £8 you get full access to the site and also access to all the look ups that are on offer.
Not just Scottish but English , Welsh,Irish , Australian, New Zealand , Canadian and USA look ups.
Where else could you get that for £8 per annum ? I feel that is money well spent.
I think that most of the subscribing members would save their £8 subscription and more in the first month.
I for one am happy to recommend the Scotfamtree to anyone and will go on using the forum as I have found none better.
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Re: Best forums?

Postby scotfamted » Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:33 pm

Christiner1, if you bought a rack of ribs which were not to your taste from Morrisons......would you take it back to Tesco?????? as this appears to be what you have done here?? :!: :roll: :ugeek: :o :shock: :cry: ;)
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Re: Best forums?

Postby woody » Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:35 pm

Thank you, Lizanne. You have helped restore some "feel-good factor" as this poster's opinion came as a great shock.

None of us strive for self-praise but we do have a passion for Scottish research, and for accuracy within that research.
We're learning all the time and like to pass on our knowledge in order that others will find elusive ancestors.
We also try to save people money by sharing genealogical tips and hints on getting the most value for money from other sites.

Now, I feel we have been slightly unfair to this particular forum! We are newcomers here and I now intend to find their introductions board and introduce myself properly!

Christine aka Woody
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Re: Best forums?

Postby Smoo » Sat Sep 10, 2011 12:01 am

I find it rather impulsive and impatient of Christiner1 to judge SFT after only a few weeks membership and, judging by what has been said by those from that site, very little (if any) posting!
It also seems just a tad cowardly to come here under a completely different username to say such things, although it takes neither a linguistic genius nor brilliant statistician to work out the username on SFT...

I find SFT the best of all forums of which I am a member for 2 main reasons:

I do not do "flash in the pan" research - it is an ongoing, long-term project and I am not looking for immediate gratification by having floods of instant replies - QUALITY is of far more importance and I would rather wait for the right answers than be flooded with whatever somebody can find within 5 minutes flat that seems to fit.
And secondly, on many other forums there are so many ongoing active topics that it is easy to lose track of replies to my posts, resulting in having to scroll through pages and pages of other posts, if I am not visiting on an almost obsessive basis. I find that when I ask anything I have to give virtually the whole background EVERY time: this is certainly not the case with SFT thanks to its genuinely interested members, who are not just out to be the first to do a lookup, but are actually concerned that I get the RIGHT piece of jigsaw AND put it in the correct place.

Other forums may well have Scottish sections but I have found that members often do not use them accurately, and people do not always think the same topic should comes into any one section - it's down to the angle you're approaching from. More often than not, there are at least 2 or 3 sections I could post in (quite apart from those with Scottish sections where relevant subsections exist) so, rather than multiple-post it and annoy the Mods, I'll simply ask on SFT and I know that if the answer CAN be found it WILL be found, period.

I have often thought that there are a fair number of particularly brilliant individuals on SFT who remember more about my ancestors, between my random spells of research, than I do! Or perhaps it is the case that they at least have the savvy to go and remind themselves of my position ?!

Smaller, friendlier and perhaps more geared toward those with a long-term interest in their Scottish genealogy, SFT has an awful lot to offer - even in the free sections - although, as has been pointed out, they do offer a LOT more than free sites when a mere £8 removes the restriction imposed by Copyright Law.
I sincerely hope the impatient Christiner1's comments do not put any serious genealogist off having a look at the friendly and very informative SFT forum.
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