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Book Search - Google your family Tree

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Book Search - Google your family Tree

Postby sjc22 » Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:58 pm

Hi all,

When i was at WDYTYA Live I spotted as i was leaving a book called Google your family tree however i was unfortunatley on my way out and was unable to stop to take a look. The cover of the book was white with the expected google font/logo on the front cover and was called Google your family tree.

I have since looked for this book online but i have only found one site that sells it and they seem to be the original publisher and has a different front cover. i have been unable to find a british retailer.

Who had this book at the show? I am sure the stall i saw it on was around 811 or on one of those ends but i have been unable to work out who's stall it was on to check their website.

Did anyone else see this book? or can help me locate a copy in england


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Re: Book Search - Google your family Tree

Postby ColinB » Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:44 am


I had a look at the website for the book and the link for how to buy in the UK doesn't work. It doesn't
come up on, it's not available from the Ancestry shop or from Genfair.
apparently has one copy , but even if it is there you might find that it arrived in poor condition. I
wonder if someone imported a batch just for the show and it's no longer available.

A good old-fashioned Bookseller might have been prepared to try to order this for you from America,
but they are few and far-between these days ( I used to work for one ). Your best bet might be to
use the Contact Us form on the publishers website to see if they can help you .

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Re: Book Search - Google your family Tree

Postby danlynch » Mon Aug 15, 2011 2:18 am

I am the author of 'Google Your Family Tree' and was at the show in February. There has only been one edition of the book and the one you saw in Feb is the current market version being sold from a variety of family history outlets. To my knowledge, there is not a retailer in the UK selling the book (sorry to say).

You can visit my website at or the book website at . . . or if you can pay via PayPal, we can connect directly.

Dan Lynch
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