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My GGG Grandparents in 1841 in Dent

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My GGG Grandparents in 1841 in Dent

Postby katrinagb » Sat Jan 12, 2008 10:16 am

My GGG Grandparents were Joseph and Agnes Middleton living in the Mil House in Dent. Joseph was a Stone Mason who in later years became a farmer. Their children at the time were Ann, John (my GG Grandad), Thomas, Alice, James, Christopher and William. John took over the Kaker Mill in later years from his inlaws the FREARs. His son John Frear Middleton became a Police Constable in Liverpool. His son John was a gardener who eloped with his wife Winnifred Chorley to the other side of the world and settled in Victoria, Australia. I am their granddaughter
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