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Uniform identification please

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Uniform identification please

Postby Tulip13 » Fri Jun 17, 2011 11:48 pm


I'm hoping someone can help me with identifying this uniform and date the photo too. This is my great great grandfather who was a sergeant in the 13th Regiment of Foot (Prince Albert's Regt) from 1849 to 1870. He served in the Crimea, in Gibraltar (where one of his children was born), in India, the Cape and also was stationed in Ireland.

After he was pensioned off in 1870, aged just 39 yrs of age, he lived in Bodmin, Cornwall for a while as a sergeant in the Cornish Militia. Then moved to Cork, Ireland for nearly 20 yrs before retiring to his birthplace, the Isle of Man in the early 1890s.

The photo was taken in the IOM. My questions are:
1. Can anyone identify this uniform? Is it the 13th Regt of Foot or the Cornish Militia?
2. What date do you think the photo was taken? I think he looks about 40 so perhaps he went off to the IOM to see relatives after he was pensioned off in 1870 (or even before) and had the photo taken then? I don't think it was taken when he retired to the IOM in the 1890s as he would have been mid 50s then but I am only guessing
3. Can anyone tell me what colours the jacket would have been? And the trim?

Thanks so much for looking.

(my first post)


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