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Yet more unwanted certificates

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Yet more unwanted certificates

Postby bookworm » Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:00 pm


Richard BAILEY and Hannah BAILEY, 26 Aug 1844, Chester
John HUMPHREY and Annie WOODWARD, 7 Mar 1899, Chelsea
Woolf TOLEDANO and Louisa WOODWARD, 4 Jan 1903, St George in the East
James Edward WALLACE and Amelia Frances WOODWARD, 12 Apr 1865, Pancras
George WOODWARD and Mary SHAND, 20 Oct 1839, Shoreditch
Andrew MAGUIRE and Sarah Ann COLE, 23 Feb 1837, Shoreditch
Ernest Samuel GARLAND and Louisa WOODWARD, 15 Apr 1900, Holborn
George WOODWARD and Sarah Cole MAGUIRE, 20 Dec 1868, City of London
Henry James GARNETT and Jane Susan CUTTER, 25 Aug 1895, Pancras
Richard PARTINGTON and Ellen BALL, 7 Oct 1865, Manchester
John Thomas HAGAN and Mary Ann KELLY, 16 Sep 1882, Manchester

I also have lots of death certificates, but it is quite time-consuming to enter them in this way, so I will see how much interest there is in the births and marriages before I enter those.
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