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Lots of unwanted certificates

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Lots of unwanted certificates

Postby bookworm » Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:24 pm

I have a whole load of certificates which I ordered in error in my early, less careful, days in genealogy. Please let me know if you would like any of them. This is the first email of several!

Birth certificates:
Emily, daug Ralph ROBERTS and Mary nee Baslow, 9 May 1874, Chorlton
Emily, daug William James ROBERTS and Harriet Ann nee Hopkinson, 18 Jan 1875, Salford
Emily, daug John ROBERTS and Elizabeth nee Davies, 17 Aug 1875, Manchester
Cornelius, son Jane ROBERTS, 17 Nov 1869, Holywell
Catherine Ellen, daug Thomas Lloyd ROBERTS and Elizabeth Margaret nee Jones, 27 Mar 1867, Chorlton
Mary Emily, daug John MORGAN and Elizabeth Mary bee Jones, 13 Mar 1901, Pontardawe
Margaret Ellin, daug John ROBERTS and Mary Ann nee Griffiths, 21 Oct 1864, Llangyllin
John Willie, son James CLOUGH and Annie nee Hough, 9 Oct 1878, Manchester
Sarah, daug Richard Partington and Ellen nee Ball, 28 Jul 1866, Chorlton
Samuel, son Samual BALL, 14 Dec 1890, Manchester
Sarah Elizabeth, daug John Arthur BALL and Mary Agnes nee McHugh, 27 Mar 1891, Manchester
Samuel, son Samuel BALL and Margaret nee Burke, 14 Dec 1890, Manchester
Sarah Jane, daug William PARTINGTON and Ann nee Irvine?, 31 Jul 1869, Manchester
William, son David MIDDLETON and Esther nee Price, 18 Jun 1869, Wandsworth
Ellen, daug George RIMMER and Mary nee Adamson, 7 Jan 1842, Prescot
Joseph, son William YATES and Caroline nee Hoxabin?, 7 Dec 1842, Manchester
George, son George RIMMER and Dorothy nee Swift, 16 Feb 1863, Prescot
Hiram, son James DRANSFIELD and Elizabeth nee Hepworth, 13 Jun 1860, Dewsbury
Thomas, son James BAILEY and Alice nee Riley, 17 Sep 1850, Chorlton
Best regards
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