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My 3 x great grandparents in 1841

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My 3 x great grandparents in 1841

Postby Ladkyis » Sun Jan 06, 2008 5:03 pm

My 3 x paternal great grandparents were living at 1 Borough Road Southwark. Samuel NATHAN was a furniture and picture dealer, as was his wife Hannah. In just over a year Samuel was "feloniously killed and slayed..." by three men who who were tried at the Old Bailey, found guilty and sentenced to six months hard labour.
This was at a time when children were being transported for stealing a scrap of bread.
The Jury recommended mercy because of provocation but it seems a bit much to give them six months even if it is hard labour when they killed a man.
I have my own thoughts on why this sentence was given but I will never know the real reason.
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