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Fradelle - Portrait Painter and Photographer to her Majesty

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Fradelle - Portrait Painter and Photographer to her Majesty

Postby kiwidivr » Fri Sep 03, 2010 6:42 am

We have been trying to identify the subject of a photo by Fredelle, that has made it's way to NZ and down the centuries. The photo footer and back identifies the photographer as being by Fredelle, a portrait painter and photographer to her Majesty the Queen, National Photo-Mezo-Tint Gallery, 246 Regent Street, London.
Also hand written on the back is "Just popped in to wish Dear Marianne a Happy Xmas and a propsperous New Year. Also asking forgiveness for not having written to her dear sister"
We believe Marianne to be Marianne Meyer (nee Watlin), wife of Philip Herman Meyer of Stondon Manor, in Stondon Massey but wonder who the lady could be (perhaps sister Lucy or Emma Watlin or perhaps a sister-in-law). I don't know anything about the photographer, which perhaps could help narrow the date down so we identify the subject. One assumes she must be someone of note if she can be photographed by the Queen's photographer?
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Re: Fradelle - Portrait Painter and Photographer to her Majesty

Postby keldon » Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:53 pm

You certainly have a challenge on here.
I've looked through the British Library's 19th century newspaper archive and the first mention is from 1871 when the firm of Fradelle and Marshall operated out of 250 (also 230 mentioned) Regent Street. It seems they specialised in Photo Mezzo Tint photographs. They mounted several exhibitons of musical, drmataic and medical celebrities, and clearly had a customer base of upper-class and royalty. I found no mention of the Queen though. In 1879 one exhibition contained over 700 portraits.
In 1877 there is a report in The Graphic of 3 November that the partnership was dissolved and all their pictures were purchased by Albert Eugene Fradelle, who I assume was one of the partners of the orginal firm. He then carried on business operating out of 246 Regent Street.
He died in 1884 aged 44 according to the death notice. He married Amy Liddon (also spelt Litton) an actress.
According to this his firm was succeeded by Fradelle and Young ... p?pid=2846
Some of his work is in the National Portrait Gallery ... 1&role=art
See also
Do a Google search on his name to see more of his photographs.
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