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The One Stop Website List for Genealogists

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The One Stop Website List for Genealogists

Postby ragged staff » Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:42 pm

Having read, with interest, Marjorie Hardey's assessment of the 2010 edition of this product (WDYTYA magazine September 2010) supplied by One Stop Genealogy, I was inspired enough to send in for one. £6.99 seemed a snip and if I only found one vital piece of information it would be money well spent ... I thought. Ordering couldn't from the company's website couldn't have been easier and the product fell through my letterbox almost as soon as I clicked to BUY button. That's where the good news ended for me.

The list of websites is limited to say the least. Enter just about anything into your normal search engine and you'll get more, I almost guarantee. I opened two links that looked at least a little bit interesting to find that I did not have access to the information.

I conclude that this product is a complete waste of time and money and, unless I've missed the point entirely (other readers' comments in putting me in my place are welcome), WDYTYA magazine currently stands in my personal dock, charged with the crime of encouraging me to part with my money.

With all due respect to Marjorie, I advise all readers to put their spare 6.99 towards their next over-priced marriage certificate or their next over-inflated website subscription.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not bitter ... yet.

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ragged staff
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Re: The One Stop Website List for Genealogists

Postby onestopgenealogy » Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:37 am

I am sorry that you have been unhappy with the list Roger. We have sold 1000's of these cd's with extremely good feedback at the many family history fairs that we have attended and many customers have returned to purchase an update.

As there are over 1,300 links on the England cd, it is inevitable that after some months a few will not work, however we make every effort to ensure that the cd's are kept up to date to keep the number of broken links to the minimum. We do mention on the CD that if you find broken links or websites that no longer provide free access to records as described, we will try to find new links for you and amend the cd accordingly. Perhaps you would like to contact us to do that.

CD's can be subjective, however we scan the internet to find links that will give our customers the most useful free to view information, some we leave out us we do not consider them useful or user friendly. If we included every website that had some genealogical information on it, the CD would be too unwielding and not as easy to use.

We look forward to hearing from you. Our email address is

Karen & Jo
One Stop Genealogy
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