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Re: Spell checking

Postby ksouthall » Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:08 pm

callbrian wrote:Hi,
It appears we have veered into two different subjects here. I agree with the spelling problems, although I am sometimes guilty of this myself and cringe when I see my mistake.
I try to read the the reply several times, also wondering whether my grammar,apostrophes etc are correct. We cannot all be absolutely correct, as over the years, even the basics I learned at school seemed to have disappeared or been changed.
I also agree with how the postings are sometimes entered, very wordy, without any relevant facts. Especially if time is spent searching for information, only to see in the reply that the poster already had the information. Perhaps a dedicated template within one of the subject headings would be the answer.


Your idea of a template is a good one. I suppose it depends on whether or not people want specific help or just an idea of where to look. I guess if people don't give much information then maybe they want to find the answers themselves, but just need an idea of where to look.

I also cringe when I spot my own spelling and grammar mistakes.

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