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Arthur Henry Coltman/Emily Coltman/Thomas Coltman

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Arthur Henry Coltman/Emily Coltman/Thomas Coltman

Postby zoid9969 » Thu Jul 22, 2010 7:21 pm

I have three unneeded certificates that are looking for a new home:

Arthur Henry Coltman, born 1 October 1882, to William Coltman (hairdresser) and Sarah Jane Coltman (ex Porter). GRO reference is Q4 1882 volume 7a, page 272 (Leicester).

Thomas Coltman, died 15 August 1863 in Ullesthorpe, Leicestershire, aged 6. Son of William Coltman (railway labourer). GRO reference is Q3 1863 volume 7a, page 3 (Lutterworth).

Emily Coltman, died 16 December 1919 in New Parks, Leicestershire, aged 70. Widow of John Samuel Coltman (ironmonger). GRO reference is Q4 1919 volume 7a, page 60 (Blaby).
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