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Overseas Offer Expired Before it's Begun!

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Overseas Offer Expired Before it's Begun!

Postby jwclarke » Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:34 am

I'm an occasional reader of your magazine - which i find very informative - based in Melbourne Australia. My sporadic readership is more down to the price and availability of the publication as often due to the cost (A$12.50) i buy copies which are only relevant to my research or in some instances there are simply no copies left in the book stores.
So, you can imagine my delight when i read in your April edition that you have launched an overseas subscription offer! But, that was a little short lived as this edition was only available for sale in Australia since 31st May which i purchased on the 6 June and i note on my return from holiday that today 14th June the offer has expired and is now back up to 75 pounds...
I'm not sure whether the delay in overseas subscribers actually getting their hands on a copy of the magazine was considered when this offer was launched, but this has certainly put me in a position where i was keen to take up your offer but now unfortunately cannot.
I'd appreciate if you might consider extending this offer out to your international readers who were in a similar position as myself and would enjoy subscribing - rather than purchasing sporadically...


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