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Jeffery Family, Help Pleaseeee

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Jeffery Family, Help Pleaseeee

Postby gb4yzj » Wed Mar 10, 2010 8:43 am

I have been trying for the last 6 years to get some information on my Paternal Grandmothers family and have really got nowhere even though I have had people try to help so thought I would try on here.

My Grandmother was Sarah Jeffery born c1887 and according to census either Ilfracombe or Knowle Devon. She was married twice and I have both her Marriage Certificates.

First marriage was on 4th Feb 1911 at Exeter Registry Office to William Albert Anstead, she was a Spinster aged 22 years and was living at 10 Stepcote Hill Exeter, her Father is down as Thomas Jeffery and his occupation is Foreman in Dockyard.

Second marriage was on 26th Dec 1916 at East Stonehose Registry Office to my Grandfather, William Charles Summerfield, she was a Widow aged 25 years and was living at 22 George Street East Stonehouse, her Father is again Thomas Jeffery and his occupation is Foreman H M Dockyard.

One of the problems I am having is I cannot find her birth, another is I cannot find very much on her family. I have found them on 1901 census and posibly on 1891 and I have found her mum and siblings plus 2 other children on 1911 but cannot find much more.

On 1901 census

Thomas W Jeffery, c1867,Head, Bridport, Glocestershire (this is crossed out and Dorset written), Occupation: Extension Larry
Sarah Jeffery, c1867, Wife, Exeter Devon
Alice Jeffery, c1884, Dau, Exeter Devon
William Jeffery, c1886, Son, Tavistock Devon
Sarah Jeffery, c1887, Dau, Ilfracombe Devon
Nellie Jeffery, c1890, Dau, Exeter Devon
Susan Jeffery, c1893, Dau, Bristol Somerset
Thomas Jeffery, c1896, Son, Plymouth Devon
Mary Jeffery, c1900, Dau, Stonehouse Devon
William Jeffery, c1822, Father, Bridgeport Glocestershire

They were living at 15 Hawthorn Grove Pennycross Devonport

On 1891 census, I am still not sure this is right, the mothers name is different and ages are not right but it is the nearest I can find.

Thomas Jeffery, c1863, Head, Transcribed as Somerset but Dorset on original, Occupation: Plate Tunnel Miner
SUSAN Jeffery, c1865, Wife, Brixham Devon,
Alice Jeffery, c1885, Dau, Exeter Devon
William Jeffery, c1888, Son, Tavistock Devon
Sarah W Jeffery, c1890, Dau, Nole Devon
William Jeffery, c1821, Father, Nole Devon

Living at Plymouth Road Cottage, South Brent, Totnes

On 1911 census I found my Great Grandmother living at 10 Stepcote Hill Exeter with children but Thomas is not there and I cannot find him. My Great Grandmother could not write and there is a problem on this with 2 children that are down as son & daughter but would be virtually impossible and the way it is written on original is ("Son") ("Daughter").

Sarah Jeffery, age:49, Head, Married, Born: Brixham Devon, Occupation: Flower Hawker
Susie Jeffery, age:18, Dau, Born: Exeter Devon, Occupation: Flower Hawker
Thomas Jeffery, age:16, Dau Born: S Wales, Occupation: Rag Sorter
Mary Jeffery, age:14, Dau, Born: Plymouth Devon
Katherine Jeffery, age:10, Dau Born: Plymouth Devon
Sharlot Jeffery, age:8, Dau Born: Plymouth Devon
Jim Jeffery, age:6mths, ("Son") Born: Exeter Devon
Alice Jeffery, age:5mths, ("Dau") Born: Exeter Devon

It says a marriage of 28years and there were 11 children born and 11 children living.

I have even tried sending for a couple of the childrens birth certificates to get mothers maiden name to find marriage of Thomas but they have come back with different maiden names. The first I sent for was for
Mary Jeffery c1900, found Mary Ann Jeffery Sep Q 1899 Plymouth, Certificate : Mary Ann Jeffery, 13th June 1899, King Street Plymouth, Father: Thomas Jeffery, Occupation: Railway Foreman, Mother: Sarah Jeffery, Formely, Trim.

Other sent for Sharlot Jeffery aged 8 in 1911, found Charlotte Jane Jeffery, Mar Q 1904, Devonport, Certificate: Charlotte Jane Jeffery, 21st February 1904, Victory Street Devonport, Father: Thomas Jeffery, Occupation: Foreman of Works Keyham Extension, Mother: Sarah Jeffery, Formely, Polcock.

The occupation of father on Charlottes seems more in line with my grandmothers marriage certificates as Keyham Extension was an Extension to Devonport Dockyard.

The only marriage I have found for Thomas that looks as if it could be right is Mar Q 1883 Axminster to Sarah Jane Lane, but that does not correspond with either maiden names.

Please I know this has been long but desperately need help on this. I have spent a fortune on 1911 census trying to find Thomas. I would love to get even a bit further back on this family.

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Re: Jeffery Family, Help Pleaseeee

Postby callbrian » Wed Mar 10, 2010 11:47 am

Hi Christine,
before I go charging in. You have obviously done quite a lot research.
I found a Sarah Elizabeth Jeffery b Mar qtr 1885, Barnstaple, Vol 5b Page 451.
I also found the marriage detail for Sarah Jane Lane etc.
There was another marriage, albeit slightly early, to Sarah Jane Hoskin, Dec qtr 1882,Plymouth, Vol 5b Page 474.
I put in phonetic searches for the surname in freebmd, as this sometimes throws up an answer.
I will keep an eye on the postings, to see if this agrees with anything you have found previously.
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Re: Jeffery Family, Help Pleaseeee

Postby gb4yzj » Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:36 pm

Yes Brian I did see the Sarah Elizabeth Jeffery in Barnstaple and have been considering sending for certificate. Yes I have done a lot of research on the family but as soon as I think I am getting somewhere something comes to light and knocks it all out of place again. I thought 1911 census would help but Thomas is not at the house and I can't find him even though I got in touch with Exeter Local Studies Library to see who was the occupier of the house and was told it was Thomas Jeffery and in Besley's Alphabetical Directory it is under T Jeffery.

I have done the same as you just put a general search for the name Jeffery in Ancestry and found one that I thought was right for a Sarah Jeffery 1888 Plympton Plymouth and was going to send for that certificate but then found a Death for the same person.

Trouble with my grandmother is she changed her age that many times that it works out she could have been born anywhere between 1886 and 1900. Even on 1911 census she says she had been married for a year and she had only been married a couple of months, though she could have said that because she was pregnant. Another thing, she already had a child born in abt 1907, but she is not with her on 1911, I think actually that Alice on 1911 that is with Sarah Jeffery and down as ("Dau") is actually my Aunty Alice but she would have been about 5 years old.

Very confusing family, unfortunately I did not even really know her even though she did not live far away from us but my Dad fell out with her when I was about 3 years old.

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Re: Jeffery Family, Help Pleaseeee

Postby gb4yzj » Wed Mar 24, 2010 7:42 pm

I sent for Sarah Elizabeth Jeffery in Barnstaple birth certificate but it is not the right one, the Fathers name is not Thomas, so another spanner in the works.

Thought I was getting somewhere today when I got a reply off 1939 Registration and got my Grandmothers date of birth which is 25 March 1890 but I have searched Ancestry, Free BMD and FMP today using variations on Jeffery and even just putting Sarah in with no Surname but can find nothing.

I also sent for a possible birth of one of Sara's brothers William Jeffery, c1886, Son, Tavistock Devon. I found a registration William Jeffery Dec Q 1887 Tavistock but I am still waiting for this.

I just don't know what else I can do.

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Re: Jeffery Family, Help Pleaseeee

Postby juno » Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:17 pm

Hi !

Noticed your Jeffery post ... might be able to help. I'm doing Thomas Jeffery (same family as yours) on the 1911 census born 1896 to Sarah (who's taking some finding although I'm 90% sure).
Your post is quite old now but if you see this please get in touch.
It's quite a complicated family isn't it???
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Re: Jeffery Family, Help Pleaseeee

Postby clarksclerks » Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:03 am

I can't help directly with your family but I did another family of Jeffreys in Essex last year and found considerable variations in the way the name was written, from Jeffreys, Jefferys, Jefferies , Jeffriss and even Jeffers, plus a few variations where G was used. It took much use of wildcards and several different sites to make much progress.

Good luck!
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Re: Jeffery Family, Help Pleaseeee

Postby Allison11 » Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:05 pm

My great grandmother was Sarah Jeffery, my gran was Alice born 1907 same problem solving this family even my gran used different maiden names on her children's birthcertificate s
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Re: Jeffery Family, Help Pleaseeee

Postby ianbee » Thu Apr 06, 2017 4:00 pm

gb4yzj wrote:Thought I was getting somewhere today when I got a reply off 1939 Registration and got my Grandmothers date of birth which is 25 March 1890

That's interesting, because her date of birth was amended (apparently in 1951) to 5.3.87
Which fits better with the age given on her death registration, 78, in March quarter 1866
Apparently then that extra info was not passed on to Christine.

At the time of that post it cost £42 to get information from the National Register
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Re: Jeffery Family, Help Pleaseeee

Postby gb4yzj » Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:34 pm

Allison11 just happened to see your post on my Jeffery Family, Help Pleaseee

I see my Grandmother was your Great Grandmother, and my Aunty Alice was your Grandmother. Would love to get in touch with you.

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