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Programme makes it look quick easy and FREE!!

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Programme makes it look quick easy and FREE!!

Postby threefurrydogs » Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:17 pm

Tracing your family is easy when you know where to look have instant resources, and endless amounts of spare cash!!
The programme while very interesting and unmissable makes tracing ones history look very easy and quick! I'm sure we all wish we could have professional researchers, but we dont, and am sure in this current economic climate many of use cant afford it either.
The programme always seems to come across photos all to easily too.
Perhaps the BBC should show dates when the celebrity was MEANT (we all know it was the researcher!) to have do this or that, to show viewers the timescale family history takes. Why do we never see money change hands at records offices?? Yes we know that celebrities have more money than the average man on the street, but please let us see them hand over the £7 or at least getting the receipt!! Or perhaps they get them free? Or does the BBC pay for the certs? If so will they pay for everyone elses? afterall we pay the BBC's wages dont we?

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