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Crawshaws of Hertfordshire

Sat Aug 08, 2009 8:52 am

I am tracing my grandma's ancestors and have hit a brick wall with one of them: Matthew Crawshaw, who was living in Hertfordshire in the late 18th Century.
The information I have on him is that he married Mary Cross (a widow) in Kimpton in July 1770. He was an excise man at the time of their marriage. As far as I am aware, Matthew and Mary only had two daughters, Mary and Anne, both baptised in Kimpton in January 1771 and December 1772 respectively. Anne is my direct ancestor.
I think that Matthew's first wife, Mary, probably died some time in the 1770s as Matthew remarried Sarah Cock in Wheathampstead in April 1794. Matthew and Sarah had one son, Thomas, who was christened in Wheathampstead in June 1794.
Matthew died in about 1808. I have a copy of an extract of the administration of his will, dated 19th April 1808. By the time of his death, Matthew had become a butcher, possibly taking on one of his wives' businesses.
Mary Cross was previously married to a John Cross. I think they married in Graveley in 1759, suggesting that Mary's maiden name was Lawrence and that she was born in Kimpton in about 1735.
Mary and John had a son called Vincent who was baptised in Kimpton in 1760. Vincent is mentioned in the extract of Matthew Crawshaw's will as his "son-in-law" (stepson).
Thomas Crawshaw settled in Hitchin.
I was wondering if anyone else is researching the Crawshaws from Hertfordshire. If so, I would be really interested to hear whether or not you have any additional information.
At the moment, I am trying to find out where Matthew and his wives are buried in the hope that I can get a rough idea of their ages at death and their years of birth. Crawshaw is not a name local to Hertfordshire so I assume that Matthew came from elsewhere in England, possibly Yorkshire or Lincolnshire. If anyone has a Matthew Crawshaw born in the early to mid 18th Century who disappears, please also let me know as he may have turned up in Hertfordshire.
Thanks for reading this,

Re: Crawshaws of Hertfordshire

Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:52 pm

Hi Katherine -- see burial records below, with a 1739 DoB for Matthew. :D Which might make him the Matthew Crawshaw baptised 25 Jan 1739 in Epworth, Lincolnshire ?? Parents Zecharia (Zec) and Ann Crawshaw. Baptism records for this Matthew on FMP.

First name(s) Mathew
Last name Crawshaw
Age 58
Birth year 1739
Burial year 1797
Burial date 28 Dec 1797
Place Kimpton
County Hertfordshire
Country England
Record set Hertfordshire Burials

First name(s) Mary
Last name Crawshaw
Burial year 1791
Burial date 04 Mar 1791
Spouse's first name(s) Matthew
Place Kimpton
County Hertfordshire
Country England
Record set Hertfordshire Burials

FYI: For anyone else researching Excise Officers, the SoG also have online Customs & Excise Staff Service Registers 1833 - 1911.

Re: Crawshaws of Hertfordshire

Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:10 am

Another possible burial, this one for second wife Sarah ??

First name(s) Sarah
Last name Crawshaw
Age 78
Birth year 1753
Death year 1831
Burial year 1831
Burial date 12 Jan 1831
Church St Mary
Denomination Anglican
Place Hitchin
County Hertfordshire
Country England
Record set National Burial Index For England & Wales

Re: Crawshaws of Hertfordshire

Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:52 pm

Parish marriage for Zachariah and Anna Crawshaw. Other records have Anna's surname transcribed as "Pool", but the image for the record below looks more like Post to me.

First name(s) Zachariah
Last name Crawshey
Sex Male
Birth year -
Marriage year 1731
Marriage date 13 Jul 1731
Marriage place Epworth
Spouse's first name(s) Anna
Spouse's last name Post
County Lincolnshire
Country England
Archive Lincolnshire Archives

Note: There was a Matthew Crawshaw with a 1749 baptism in Huddersfield, but records indicate he married and remained in the surrounding area.

Also, there's a Matthew Crawshaw with a 1755 burial in Epworth, Lincolnshire. However, the image does not indicate "son of...[parent's names]" so it's more likely that Matthew was an adult.

Re: Crawshaws of Hertfordshire

Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:00 pm

Thanks for this, Mo and for the private message. I had seen the baptism in Epworth and have that as a possibility so am hoping that I might be able to link it to excise records in some way. I'll let you know how I get on.

Re: Crawshaws of Hertfordshire

Mon Apr 15, 2019 4:47 pm

Hi,might be worth contacting the Lincolnshire family history society.They are lovely helpful people.
Good Luck,Grace :D

Re: Crawshaws of Hertfordshire

Tue Apr 23, 2019 11:32 pm

Amazinggrace wrote:Hi,might be worth contacting the Lincolnshire family history society.They are lovely helpful people.
Good Luck,Grace :D

Thanks for the tip, Grace.
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