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Royal Marine - Record of service

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Royal Marine - Record of service

Postby Maggs » Fri May 08, 2009 2:33 am

I have just received the enlistment papers, attestation and record of service of my gggrandfather, who joined the royal marines in January 1861.

I have managed to decipher most of the hand writing but don't know what the following mean:
1. On his record of service, it is split between shore and time afloat, with the number of years recorded. On either side there are 2 other columns that are headed 'Chart' or 'Char'? What does this mean?

2. Next to each length of service under these columns, appear to be initials, which are either 'VG', 'VGG', 'VGE' or 'E' - what do these mean?

3. It also says he was in possession of 4 GC badges - what are these and when did you get them?

Can anyone help?
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