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Was life better in the 1790s?

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Re: Was life better in the 1790s?

Postby captain_mic » Sat Sep 12, 2009 7:13 am

hi to every one, i am captain mic a new member of this forum and i would like to participate in the topic discussion, i think life better in the 1790s because people leave mantel y peace fully and they have to do less work for full filling their needs. now a days a man is so busy that he don't have any time for his family, friends and parents.
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Re: Was life better in the 1790s?

Postby dizzybint » Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:48 pm

I love history but would never want to live in a world without anathestics, of any sort, life was hard back then , very hard, how do you think there were so many prostitutes and VD was rife... because if a girl didnt marry she found it hard to get work of any kind... no times were rough back then for the poor and I wouldnt want to go back. Have any of you read about the Lock Hospitals.. what sad places these were, for girls who got pregnant and not married, girls with VD.. kids with VD through abuse. even girls dressing provocatively were sent to this horrible place... wasnt it strange the men they got these things from werent locked away too. In Glasgow they moved the barracks from the Gallowagate to save the soldiers from disease.. I wonder if it worked.
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