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Bertram Dwight

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Bertram Dwight

Postby tigra » Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:53 pm

[b]I am looking for Bertram Charles Dwight b. 1861 in Camberwell, Surrey, son of Henry Thomas Dwight and Ann - I was wondering what happen to him after 1891. Where and when did he live and died?[/b]
[b]I have found him on census records from 1861 to 1891. (He was 3 in Lambeth in 1861, 10 in St John in 1871, 20 in Camberwell in 1881 and 30 in Lambeth in 1891. I couldn't find him on 1901. [/b]
[b]I looked for his death from 1891 to 1947. I used Ancestry for US, Canada and UK for any info on him. I also googled the name and came out blank. [/b]
[b]I was wondering please if you can help me & have a better luck than me?[/b]
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RE: Bertram Dwight

Postby mrsaverage40s » Fri Feb 06, 2009 10:26 am

The only thing I can think to help is that he may have gone by Charles, his middle name, as a lot of my ancestors did (just to confuse me!!).
If he is not listed with the rest of the family in 1901 (have you located them?), then there is a strong possibility that he did not like his given name and chose to use another. There is a Charles Dwight born 1861 in the New York census, a clerk, but he states that his parents were born Pennsylvania as was he. I would still start looking under the name Charles Dwight, or follow all his siblings etc through the censuses in the case that he stays with them at some point.
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