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My special moment in Family History

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My special moment in Family History

Postby margaretabram » Sun Nov 30, 2008 6:03 am

I have mentioned before of my great sadness that my mother never saw a photo of her own mother who died when she was twenty three days old. My great grandmother and my grandfather were so distraught at her death from a typhoid type infection so soon after my mother's birth that they took all my grandmother's photos out to the garden and burnt them. They had different ways of dealing with grief in those days.

My mother had had a verbal description of her mother from her grandmother. Gertrude Edna Paver was very musical, played the piano beautifully and had a wonderful singing voice. Her hair, it was said, was the colour of ripe corn.

I felt so sorry for my mother at this gap in her life and not even a photo to look at. It was, to me, a glaring gap in my family tree, my grandmother's name and no photo.

This week I was contacted by someone, through Ancestry, who turned out to be my mother's second cousin. Once I had confirmed the link she emailed me some family photos she thought I would like.

So today, on my birthday, I opened the attachment to find a photo of my grandmother with her mother and brothers when she was a child and a photo of her wedding to my grandfather. I opened the first picture and there was this young girl, so clearly a relative of my mother. I recognised my great grandmother straight away, so no doubt about the identity of this young girl. Then when I opened the second one and saw my beloved grandfather with his tiny bride, so innocent of the fact that on their first wedding anniversary she would be buried in that very same dress, leaving her family distraught.

What a birthday present! I am still reeling with the shock and excitement. How I wish my mother was still alive to show her the face she longed to see.

The reason I started this research was to fill in the gaps for my mother, even though it was too late for her to know what I was doing. Today the final piece fell into this particular jigsaw and I have to wonder at the benefits that the internet has brought.
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RE: My special moment in Family History

Postby Tilliduff » Sun Nov 30, 2008 6:20 am

I can imagine what a thrill that was, although sadness too, that you will not be able to share your findings with your mother.

I often feel sadness that the internet has brought us the possibility of learning so much more about our family history but too late to share it with those who remember a part of that history.

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RE: My special moment in Family History

Postby ksouthall » Sun Nov 30, 2008 11:00 pm

Hello Mags,
Happy Birthday. I am glad you have finally seen some photos of your grandmother.
I have also been lucky enough to have seen photos of some of my ancestors, thanks to some very kind distant relatives who have sent me copies. I have also shared images of some of my ancestors with distant relatives, as they also share the same genes.
I hope your story will encourage other people to be generous with their photo archives so that the identities of our ancestors do not get lost or forgotten.
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RE: My special moment in Family History

Postby Annie08 » Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:13 am

Now I've turned the 'waterworks' off I can type. I'm so happy for you Mags, I do get so emotional ready other people's stories and the generosity of others, and helpfulness of others is so overwhelming and on your birthday, a wonderful present. Happy Birthday.

I am now in contact with a third cousin on my Dad's side. I had a couple of photos of my great-grandfather and his brother but no confirmation as to who I thought they were. I exchanged photo's via e-mail with my third cousin and she did the same with photo's she had and now we have confirmed that they are who we thought them to be.

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RE: My special moment in Family History

Postby sleepybarb » Thu Dec 04, 2008 10:00 pm

Mags,what a lovely story that you now know what she looked like.I have a similar situation in that after my Father's death my mum had little contact with his sister's family.A few months ago I contacted a lady through Genesreunited,she turned out to be the widow of my cousin.My dad's twin sisters son.She's sent me photos of my grandparents who died before I was born and a wonderful photo taken of them with all of their children.
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RE: My special moment in Family History

Postby Kathy » Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:30 pm

What a wonderful story, you must have been over the moon when you saw the photographs reveal themselves to you on the screen.
I am a member of Ancestry too, and about a year ago discovered that someone else was researching the same family tree as me. We have been able to exchange many photographs, and put names to those in each others collection that were previously unknown.
For me however the best moment was opening an attachment and the face of my 3x great grandfather slowly revealed itself on screen in full colour. I had purchased his will the week before and he had described a variety of photographs of himself by what he was wearing, and who was to receive them after his death. My father was thrilled to bits as none of the family on our side knew what he looked like.

best wishes

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