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Financial Crash of 1720

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Financial Crash of 1720

Postby eurogordi » Sat Nov 22, 2008 6:06 am

In these days of economic gloom, I've been reminded that one of my ancestors, Ayliffe White (1670-1761), was an investor in the infamous South Sea Company that crashed around 1720.

Does anyone know if these records are available online or, if not, where I can find them? I've looked at the National Archives website, but nothing comes up when I use their search facility.

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RE: Financial Crash of 1720

Postby ksouthall » Wed Jan 07, 2009 4:16 pm

I have recently obtained a copy of the will of a very distant ancestor who died in 1755. He was a leatherseller in London and left what I imagine would have been a large estate, including £5000 worth of Southsea Annuities (this is how he has spelt it in the will). I am not entirely sure what these were, but had not previously related an event such as the South Sea Bubble to anyone in my family.
If you run a search on the National Archives Catalogue, it does return a few results however I have not investigated these further so do not know if they would help you much.
Did you find out about Ayliffe White's investment through his will as well? I think I have read articles about Ayliffe White in a magazine before, but can't remember which one it was.
I'm not sure if this helps you much,
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