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Where is Barker Bentley?

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Where is Barker Bentley?

Postby Patron » Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:03 am

I am trying to find my Great x2 Grandfather, Barker Bentley [c1826-1891] on this census but I can't find him anywhere. I have the complete census on cd at home and have gone through all Lancashire, not just Oldham or via the search. I can't even find him using various online resources either. And because he has strange first name I even tried using that as his surname!!

On the 1881 Census his wife, Ann is shown as a widow, so I thought I'd look for his death, I had no luck but then while using an online resource to search the 1891 census [for someone else] I decided on the off chance to try for Barker and I found him in the Oldham Workhouse!!!

So has anyone any idea of where I can go from here to try to locate him please? I would guess that perhaps he and Ann had already parted company by 1881 hence here saying she was a widow, when it is obvious she wasn't.

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RE: Where is Barker Bentley?

Postby colliehouse » Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:10 am

Not a helpful reply I'm afraid but it occured to me that if they had split up Barker might have been homeless at the time of the census and therefore not listed anywhere, or he might have been overseas.
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RE: Where is Barker Bentley?

Postby paulberyl » Thu Sep 25, 2008 5:20 am

I agree with colliehouse that there are a number of reasons why Barker would not appear on the 1881 census. However there could be an interesting story waiting to be uncovered which regretably may never be discovered. I see from the 1871 census that Barker was a minder in a cotton mill at a time when the cotton industry was booming. Yet 10 years later he has "disappeared" and his wife is so embarassed (?) by his disapearance that she claims she is a widow. Barker then ends up alone in the workhouse by 1901.

I believe that Oldham Local Studies and Archives have some records for Oldham Workhouse, but they are a bit "hit and miss" with some of the records being unreadable as the writing has faded. However it would be worthwhile contacting them to see if they have any information on Barker which will add to his story.

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RE: Where is Barker Bentley?

Postby Dartsteve » Tue Sep 30, 2008 7:30 pm


I have found a Barker Bentley on the Boston Passenger List (on with an arrival in Boston on 24/11/1873 from Liverpool. His age is shown as 44. I can't access the full image at the moment but if you don't have access to this I will take a look tonight to see if there is additional info for you?

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Re: Where is Barker Bentley?

Postby Lindsay » Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:33 pm

Just had a look on the site, couldn't find anyone called Barker Bentley but a search of all Lancashire, baptisms 1826 +-5yrs shows a Barnett Bentley baptised in Blackburn 1823, and other unusual first names for Bentley baptisms given in this 10 year period [assorted parents]are; Fielding,Squire,Robinson, an unmarried mother in 1826 called Xantippe Bentley.looking for All Events in Oldham only there's a marriage of Friend Bentley in 1829 and a baptism of Wentworth Bentley in 1836. Could one of these be a sibling if the family was given to unusual name choices? Either way,I have found the above website an excellent source and it's being added to all the time so certainly worth revisiting.
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