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An unexpected weekend of research

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An unexpected weekend of research

Postby margaretabram » Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:10 am

I may have mentioned before that when we moved here five years ago, we had no idea that my husband's family had been here for generations and had made a great, visual contribution to the town.

So yesterday (Saturday) he was getting a new library ticket, which took ages, and I was browsing the local history shelves. I picked up a book on a nearby village, and as I always do, looked in the index for names of interest, when I saw a surname of a family I recognised. This was someone who had married into his family. Glancing through, I saw that there were lots of references to this family name, so I borrowed it.

Getting home, all plans for the decorating were forgotten as we excitedly read the book and I started updating the family tree. I had one person with that name before and now I had twenty plus. I spent a couple of hours, googling and checking out census returns etc. I idly said to my husband that I wondered if any of them were buried at the village church. It was five o'clock by then and he said that as it was only two miles away and a lovely evening, that we should go there right away.

We arrived at the picturesque church and as we parked, some people came out of the churchyard. I was holding my camera, so I thought I had better explain that I was looking for graves. I was asked what name and the woman burst out laughing and said that it was just as well I had come then as she had just been clearing a large vault which had been totally obscured by ivy and that it was the very family I was looking for! We were wished happy grave hunting and as an aside, she mentioned that there was a church fete on today, and if we came along she might have something of interest to show us!

We happily snapped away and wrote lots of notes. We found twenty members of the family buried there, many in the family vault. I came home and spent the evening building the tree. It was amazing to find that there were several family members buried of whom I had found no trace on the internet, children and adults.

Today we went back to the church and visited the fete. The something of interest turned out to be pages of church history notes, which mentioned burials as well as appointments of overseers to the poor etc. I took down three pages of notes and have now got home and had a happy couple of hours writing notes against various people on the family tree.

So, a weekend of re-decorating the lounge and various household jobs never happened! What an exciting pastime family history can be.
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RE: An unexpected weekend of research

Postby Editor » Mon Sep 15, 2008 9:10 pm

Hi Mags, your post made me laugh! Sounds like you were meant to discover family over the weekend - what a lot of serendipity. The decorating can wait for another day.

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RE: An unexpected weekend of research

Postby Annie08 » Sat Sep 20, 2008 3:40 am


What a wonderful story, I love stories like this - if it wasn't for the issue of the new library ticket taking so long....... I agree with Editor - the decorating can wait!

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RE: An unexpected weekend of research

Postby Alan Crosby » Tue Sep 30, 2008 4:43 pm

Who would want to redecorate the lounge if something like that was the alternative - isn't it great! Especially if you have, like us up here in Lancashire, had a couple of weeks of lovely summery weather, rather late in the year.

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