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Henry Haynes / Haines - Convict

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Henry Haynes / Haines - Convict

Postby eurogordi » Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:23 pm

A few weeks ago I sought advice on finding out more about Henry George Haynes (baptised 1807 Horsley, Gloucestershire - died 1874 Malmesbury, Wiltshire) who I believed was transported to Australia as a convict and returned to England before 1841. This was based on three diaries that I have inherited written by Haynes in which he refers to his former life of crime and spending time in a "far off land".

As a result of my posting, I was recommended websites that linked me to records in Australia and located a Certificate of Freedom dated 5th October 1838 for a Henry Haines born in 1808. Fantastic, I thought! The spelling variation was not unexpected, "my" Henry didn't always use the middle name George and a different year of birth was also acceptable - especially as most census calculate him to 1808 rather than his baptism in 1807.

Then the bombshell came this morning when the document arrived from Australia indicating that he was a native of ... Nottingham rather than Gloucestershire, and that his trade was that of Warehouseman instead of the expected Agricultural Labourer (1841) or even Chimney Sweep (1851 onwards).

Admittedly, if it is the same person, he could have changed jobs and, as the Australian document has allowed me to identify the court case at the Old Bailey's online facility, I have now discovered that the crimes took place in London - St Martin's Street, Leicester Square to be precise - which suggest Haines was itinerant.

My question now is whether Henry (George) Haynes and Henry Haines are likely to be the same person, and whether the term "Native Place" on the Australian document refers to place of birth or most recent place of residence prior to the court case. Is there any evidence that would confirm if a Henry Haines returned to England between 1838 and 1841 ?

So if anyone with more experience of dealing with convict records can response with their thoughts and further suggestions, it would be very much appreciated.

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