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Naval Uniform?

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Naval Uniform?

Postby Shazann67 » Sun Aug 17, 2008 6:50 pm


This photograph was discovered with 68 others which had been taken out from a photograph album. There are no references on the back of the photograph nor was there anything in the album indicating who this is, or when this photo was taken.

Can anybody enlighten me on the uniform... is the rank be told from the attire... ?

I have information on one member of the family who started as a Merchant Seaman from an early age, and for many of his voyages he was a Mess Room Steward, and then became an "able bodied seaman" and and "ordinary seaman", until he had to give up due to a festering leg wound.

Is it possible that this could be the picure of this family member?

Would be sincerely grateful for any assistance.

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