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Theresa Hastings - 1861 Ireland

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Re: Theresa Hastings - 1861 Ireland

Postby Robbie J N » Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:29 am

Just a quick update.
I ordered the 1881 census record for Margaret McFarlane to see if there were any details that the Ancestry transcription was missing (besides the correct spelling of her surname). She was the lone resident at her address, though there are no house numbers given for anyone on that census page. I think Hugh Hastings's widow Jane was on the previous page, but given that Margaret was near the bottom of her page, they were living at a different address.
I also ordered Hugh Hastings's death record from 1874. It gives his parents' names as James and Jane, not John and Jane which were listed twice for Margaret's parents (on her marriage and death records). So it would seem they are not brother and sister.

I still do not know if Margaret was Miss Margaret Beck who became Mrs Margaret Hastings (or Hastie) and gave incorrect information with regard to her marital status on her marriage record to John McFarlane. Or was she Miss Margaret Hastings who was unmarried when she had her daughter Theresa and therefore Theresa gave incorrect information about her mother's maiden surname when she got married in 1884.

Margaret could be Hugh Hastings's sister-in-law or a cousin or one or both of them have the names of their parents listed incorrectly on their death records. Any of these things are a possibility at the moment!

Thanks again for the help everyone.

Quick addition:
By a strange coincidence when I downloaded the 1871 census record for Theresa and Margaret in Sorn, an Archibald Millar, born in Ochiltree, was living 4 doors down from their address. He was the uncle of James Millar, who Theresa went on to marry.
Robbie J N
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Re: Theresa Hastings - 1861 Ireland

Postby MayHam » Tue Apr 28, 2020 4:17 pm

Have you already checked out the 1859, Kilmarnock (Ayr) death certificate for John Hastie aged 50?

Am wondering if 1871 Aunt Mary Fry is the same Mary married to James Hastie of Corn Mill St., Sorn in 1851? It appears Aunt Mary died in 1886 in Govan.

The Ulster Historical Foundation has a Hugh Hastings, son of James of Down, baptised in 1816. He appears to have had a sister, Isabella, baptised in 1791.
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