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Limits on Assisted Emigration to Australia

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Limits on Assisted Emigration to Australia

Postby AdrianB38 » Tue Mar 31, 2020 11:14 am

As usual I have been diverted to an interesting question. I found a Note in FamilySearch FamilyTree about a family distantly related to my lot, who'd emigrated to Queensland. I'd previously found that they'd left one child behind and the note said in explanation:
The family came to Australia about 1866 ... Owning to the fact they had 6 children and only 5 being allowed on board ship, Aunt Harriet, then 6 years old was left in London with [her] Grandmother ...

Can anyone expand on the "allowed on board ship" rule? I can see several possibilities.
  • The shipping company had limits on how many children they allowed on board;
  • The assisted passage scheme had limits on how many children they were prepared to pay for (I'm assuming that they were on an assisted passage rather than paying for everything themselves)
  • The family simply couldn't afford the fare for 6 children.
No doubt there are other possibilities. Certainly, another chap on another list, when I mentioned this in passing, said that he'd had a similar case of a child left behind. Harriet, by the way, did make her own way out to Queensland in later years so didn't bear a grudge.
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