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Folks missing from the 1939 Register...

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Re: Folks missing from the 1939 Register...

Postby Cachalot6972 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 11:16 am

Sackcloth & ashes time: I’ve led everyone astray; the second child’s district of birth is SOUTHPORT, not Stockport. I obviously had a ‘senior moment’ there and got my ports mixed up.

Stevieb3081: Thanks very much for looking for the missing John, but several things have me doubting it’s him. The month of birth is wrong, he’s recorded as a widower when his wife is most definitely alive, and he’s gone from being an apprentice electrician to a labourer. I know people change jobs; in 1911, his brother, Herbert, was an apprentice joiner, in 1939 he’s a tax inspector in Pembrokeshire, but the fact that all three members of the same family can’t be found would seem to indicate that they either somehow got lost/missed when the Register was created.

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