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Unusual surnames

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Re: Unusual surnames

Postby elsabels » Wed Mar 11, 2020 12:19 am

I googled the surname in 'Books' and came up with quite a bit of info including a water colour painter HENRY GASTINEAU. During the long period of fifty-eight years the name of Henry Gastineau has appeared in the catalogue of the annual exhibitions of the Water-Colour Society, which he joined in 1818, so that he had rightly earned the title

Another Henry?
Henry Francis Gastineau 'Summer Chess parties' ... on&f=false

First reference I can find to the surname in the press is 1801 a marriage Mr Evans to Miss Gastineau
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Re: Unusual surnames

Postby ciderdrinker » Wed Mar 11, 2020 10:56 am

Strangely there is a second marriage for Charles Gastineau to Elizabeth Ross at St Alphage London Wall.
Charles Gastineau junior bach of St Stephen Coleman and Elizabeth Ross 24.11.1759 wit Isaac Gastineau and Ann Ross junior.

Possible marriage of father and mother Charles Gastineau and Elizabeth Parsons marriage bond
Charles of st Margaret Lothbury broker Jan 1742.They married 28.1.1742 at St Katherine at the Tower and Charles was a widower.
First marriage Charles G of Christopher London and Rebecca Farrier /Ferrier of St Botoplh Bishopsgate 20.2.1731 at Lamb's Chapel Monkwell St.

There is a grave for him at the Congregational Chapel Collliers Rents on Find a grave
Charles G senior Born 9.9.1702-May 1st 1780 The burial register says age 75
His brother Isaac 6.1.1704-27.3.1774
Charles's two children -Mary Gastineau Barnard buried 5.5.1800 age 65 at Bunhill Fields and seemingly
your Charles Gastineau 11.2.1735-10.7.1818 St Giles Churchyard
Elizabeth Ross Gastineau buried Bunhill Fields 2.7.1777
His grandfather Mathurin Gastineau at Christ Church Spitelfields 2.2.1748 age 82

Charles senior left a PCC Will 1780 which is on Ancestry.Son Charles ,daughter Mary Barnard and widow Mary.
Third marriage St Stephen Coleman to Mary Garmsonspisnter 24.9.1762 by licence.
He was admitted to the Freedom of the City of London as an apprentice of John Gastineau weaver ,son of Matherin 20.1.1715
He is involved in a case at the Old Bailey in 1750 ... 7501205-75

Charles Senior bapt at Spitalfields French Protestant Chapel -La Patente
Charles G son of Mathurin G and Jeanne Chauboussant 16.9.1702 born 9th
Charles junior 11.2.1735 at St Botoplh Aldgate to Charles and Rebecca Gastineau
There is a DR Williams non-conf. birth Cert for him that gives his maternal grandfather as Peter Ferrier.
Again there is a PCC Will on Ancestry in 1818.
There is also a PCC Will Maathurin Gastineau in 1748.
His marriage in London 8.11.1692 at Le Patente to Jean Chaubasant says he is from Le Ville de Lupigant in Poiton/Poitor ? s of Pierre Gastineau and Elizabeth Herbere
There is more but it's in French and I'm struggling to understand it.

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Re: Unusual surnames

Postby KayFarndon » Wed Mar 11, 2020 1:42 pm

You have had a lot of replies and I can tell that when I put the name into Genes Reunited there are pages and pages of them.
Hopefully you will have some results.
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Unusual surnames

Postby JulieGoucher » Fri Mar 13, 2020 10:17 am

The surnames are unusual, at least in England! I would agree that Gastineau does sound as though it is French and Swiss Germanic.

It was common for surnames such as these to change over time, either due to literacy levels, a desire to fit in

As someone who has spent 30 years researching an Italian name, you might need to be creative in your research of these names. I would recommend noting each reference to these surnames you come across.

Best wishes,
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Re: Unusual surnames

Postby Dave R » Fri Mar 13, 2020 8:02 pm

Using hints from above have found many of the records mentioned on Ancestry, and also links into French records although not covered by my subscription. I think I'm lucky that there are a lot of records for the Gastineau because I think they had relatively productive lives shall I say plus living in London area.
The Schultz being a bit more elusive, not sure if the records mentioned are 100% related but will persevere
Dave R
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Re: Unusual surnames

Postby junkers » Fri Mar 13, 2020 10:00 pm

The National Archives have the following records in their catalogue where the records are held outside TNA:-

Kingston History Centre
KC1/1/355-356; R. & L. hand indentures of fine. 1. Bailiffs and Freemen. Dated June 1820

2. Eliz. Schultz, Thos. Francis Gastineau, gent., and Jane Eliz. Mary his wife, John Frederick Schultz, Francis Harrison and Charlotte Wilhelmina his wife, and Geo. Augustus Schultz.
Messuages, stable and 2 acres in Kingston

KC1/1/358-359: Lease and release (10 and 11 October 1820). 1. Eliz. Schultz of Bolingbroke Row, St. Mary, Newington, widow of John Frederick Schultz late of Haberdasher St., Hoxton, Mddx.

2. Thos. Francis Gastineau of Camberwell, gent., and Jane Eliz. Mary his wife, and others

3. Bailiffs and Freemen of Kingston

4. Rob. Harrison, of Ripley, esq.

5. Rob. Prickett, of Harley St., Mddx., esq., and anor

6. Will. Thos. Jemmett, of Middle Temple, London, esq.
7. Thos. Fricker of Kingston, cooper

Messuage in Kingston with coach house and appurtenances, now used as a residence for the justices of assize, and the building newly erected for use as assize courts, both of which are built on land let in fee farm by the Corporation partly to John Cocke on 3 April 1590 and partly to Geo. Hyer on 13 Jan. 1613/14 [see KC1/1/321]. 2 pews in Kingston parish church

Consideration £1,800

London Metropolitan Archives
SUN: Records of the Sun Fire Office: MS 11936/427/740492: Insured: Charles Gastineau 4 Fenchurch Buildings Fenchurch Street, gent. Other property or occupiers: next Goldsmiths Hall Foster Lane Cheapside (Evans and Co., warehousemen) 30 November 1802

TNA have, of course, several wills in the PROB 11 'copy wills' series. Personally I would also check the 'Original Wills' which may have correspondence, they are not online.
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Re: Unusual surnames

Postby junkers » Sun Mar 15, 2020 5:34 pm

There are a number of records at the Kingston History Centre about John Frederick Schultz regarding Clattern House which was a mock Tudor house by the Clattern Bridge in Kingston. ... &_nrar=177
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Re: Unusual surnames

Postby Lancer_MiG » Tue Mar 31, 2020 1:21 pm

I've worked with a Gastineau two years ago, I did remember such an unusual surname; I somehow associated in with French Canadian heritage, so it's interesting to learn it comes from French-speaking Switzerland.
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