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Washington help

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Washington help

Postby Will Mundy » Wed Feb 12, 2020 12:29 pm


I’m researching my X6 Great grandfather Richard Washington he was born in about 1743 according to his burial record. He married my X6 great grandmother on the 5th Nov 1772 in Holton Oxfordshire. Between-773 and 1791 they had 8 children all in Holton. I can’t seem to find his birth however, there are a few instances of Washington’s in Oxfordshire at roughly the right time but no Richards, on Findmypast one Richard came up as born at the right time but he was born in Westmorland a very long way from Oxfordshire! Any ideas on what to do next?

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Will Mundy
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Re: Washington help

Postby ciderdrinker » Sat Feb 15, 2020 11:43 am

Not much help I know but I would stick to Oxfordshire.
It's not as though there is none of the family in the area.There is a little cluster of Washingtons in the Kidlington,Bleckington ,Ambrosedon area.
So we have 2 brothers.

Richard Washington of Kidlington (born 1670 at Milton Great) and Sarah Wheeler of Stanton Harcourt married 1702 at Kidlington have Christopher 1703,Charles 1706 ,Chris 1708 and Catherine 1711.
Christopher (born 1679 at Kidlington also son of Christopher and the above Richard's brother) (died 1734 ) and Anne (died 1742) -Anne 1707,Anne 1710 ,Denis 1714,Christopher 1723(A Will 1736 leaves everything to wife Ann)


Christopher (died 1763 Ambroseden ) marries Mary Matthews 20.6. 1742 Kidlington (died 1763
Ambrosedon),-----son William bapt 1743
Charles (died 1757) and Sarah at Becklington -Sarah 1738
and Anne at Becklington -George 1744

It all looks like one big family and it wouldn't be a surprise that Christopher and Mary ,or Charles and his two wives named a son Richard after their father or uncle.
I'd be surprised if in a time of no contraception they had so few children.After all Charles must have married his two wives somewhere.

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