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Name Help

Postby zoelee900 » Mon Jan 27, 2020 7:13 pm

Hi, I have been researching a Charles Edward Palmer for ages! I knew his DOB, who he was married to, where he died etc etc. However I did not know where he was born all I had was his fathers name on his marriage cert which is Edward Charles Palmer. eventually I have managed to get hold of a Death Cert for Charles which tells me he was born 6th July 1892 - London. this is where I get stuck! I have trawled through all of the census records for Charles Edward hoping to find the names of both his parents. There is not one census record with his fathers name as Edward Charles Palmer. Not one birth record or baptism. There are some with just a Charles Palmer as a father. I know back then that it was common to switch your names around but this is causing me huge issues. Charles farther was alive in 1920 when Charles was married. His name is on the marriage cert as Edward Charles Palmer, it does not say that he is deceased so I assume he was alive at the time. This is driving me nuts that I can not get anywhere. Any advice from anyone as to what I could try would be very very appreciated.
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Re: Name Help

Postby junkers » Mon Jan 27, 2020 7:55 pm

I think you need to try and work out where he was born in London, perhaps by using Army, Navy or Air Force records where available. Census records often don't include all the names of an individual. Could you tell us where you got the date of birth in London from?.
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Re: Name Help

Postby Templ4r » Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:14 pm

On the 1939 register he's in Bootle and using the name Edward, but Charles and Charles E are written in green ink. Looks like wife Mary A and son Ronald F. The line between mum and son has partial details for an army unit.

What address is in the 1920 marriage certificate to Mary A Wilson? Address where Ronald was born? (both in West Derby Registration district) What do he and his father do for a living? in 1939 he's a Shore gang rigger and his son is a Deck boy so I assume something to do with ships or docks...

I think I'd start by using known addresses and looking in those areas and as Junkers says, look for military records that match the addresses as they often give place of birth.
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Re: Name Help

Postby elsabels » Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:34 am

Using, there are 2 entry for Palmer/ Wilson parents

1) William E
Births Mar 1921 (>99%)
Palmer William E Wilson W.Derby 8b 616

2) Ronald F
Births Sep 1922 (>99%)
Palmer Ronald F Wilson W.Derby 8b 670

Suggest you purchase one or both of the certificates as .pdf from the gro to see if you can get a clearer picture on the father's activities /address etc. I would look at William as you have details of Ronald on the 1939 Register

Who are the witnesses on the marriage certificate? Maybe Palmer rellies!!!!
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