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What happened to James Parsons

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Re: What happened to James Parsons

Postby SDV » Sat Jan 18, 2020 11:56 am

ianbee - what you suggest is certainly possible. As of yet no record of a marriage between James and Emily has ever been found, though they were living together under at least three different names from at least 1876. So it is not impossible that after Emily's death in 1901, that James married or "hooked up" with another woman, the mysterious H.

The problem is that the whole of James' life is a bit of a mystery. There is no certainty about where or when he was born, census records differing on these essential details. Was he married before he met Emily? If so perhaps they weren't in a position to marry. Emily's first husband, Joseph BELLENGER, did not die until 1891, some 15 years after James and Emily were living together under the name BALLINGER at Watermoor in Cirencester.

Assuming that the James who died in 1908 is the same one who was living with Emily before her death and was the step-father to George, can we find any record of James and H in electoral registers, newspaper reports, etc?

If James did follow George to South London, I am not certain when he would have made the move. If it helps, George's first two children Rose and Maud were born in Gloucestershire, Rose in Stratton in 1903 and Maud in Eastington in 1904. As far as I can see, the first child born in South London was Lily, who was born in Tooting in Oct 1905.

James Parsons' early life and later life is proving hard to trace. Crucial missing facts are:

(1) where and when was he born?
(2) was he married before he met Emily?
(3) where was he before 1876?
(4) did he ever marry Emily?
(5) where was he after Emily's death?
(6) did he "remarry" after Emily's death?
(7) where and when did he die? Wandsworth in 1908?
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Re: What happened to James Parsons

Postby ianbee » Sat Jan 18, 2020 4:55 pm

Well it is the greater part of his life that is a mystery! Other than the period he was with Emily. Who knows, he may even have assumed the Parsons name?
It certainly is a three pipe problem.
James not on the electoral registers at 10 Chatham Road. So likely he/they weren't there very long. Or effectively in lodgings. There had been a widowed Harriet Kerr at the address in 1907, but she had moved up the road to 24 by 1908. So very unlikely to be "H".
If - and it still is if - it is the one we want then he may of course have hitched up with H down in Gloucestershire.
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