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Grey Area

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Grey Area

Postby Will Mundy » Sun Dec 08, 2019 8:43 pm


I was wondering if anybody could help me locate my 6th great grandfather Joseph Grey. He was born circa 1745 and married Sarah Robinson on the 4th Jan 1772 in Shorthampton Oxfordshire, close to Charlbury in Oxfordshire. Sarah was from Churchill in Oxfordshire born 1752, Joseph I can’t find when he was actually born however. He appears in the 1841 census and died in 1842 in Wootton Oxfordshire, aged about 97! He and Sarah had several children from 1773 to 1793:

The list is as follows
1) Elizabeth (1773)
2) William (1774)
3) Jenny (1776)
4) Mary (1779)
5) Joseph (1781)
6) Rosetta (1784 - 1818)
7) Sarah (1789)
8) John (1791)
9) Phoebe (1793)

Elizabeth was born in Charlbury, William and Jenny in Shorthampton, Mary to John in Stonesfield and Phoebe in Wootton. Any ideas on how to go forward?

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Will Mundy
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Re: Grey Area

Postby ciderdrinker » Mon Dec 09, 2019 10:40 am

I'd be looking for any more Grey's in the parish .Could they be parents ? Could they be siblings,hopefully with a distinctive first name?

There are Thomas and his wife Mary .
Their son John baptised at Charlbury 17.10.1770
Mary wife of Thomas buried Shorthampton 21.5.1776.
Thomas remarried at Shorthampton 18.7.1782 Rose Falkner widow of Shipton under Whichwood wit Mary Grey
Thomas buried 26.4.1801

Mary married Thomas Rawlings of Charlbury 13.1.1789 at Shorthampton wit John Grey (Looks like she was born 1772)
Mary Grey buried 23.8.1788 she leaves a PCC Will.

Moving on to Stonesfield there is a Will for William Grey yeoman 1750 leaving property to his wife Ann and daughters Mary and Ann.
He was buried 31.7.1750.
Daughter Ann bapt 7.10.1738 and daughter Mary married William Davies 20.5.1765 of the Hamlet of Fawley in the parish of Charlbury
Ann married John Claridge of Long Combe 19.2.1750

I'm not sure about Stonesfield but it looks to me as though Joseph had a brother Thomas .Perhaps finding Thomas and Mary's marriage would help .
Mary Grey's Will of 1788 names her brother Thomas Gray of Whichwood and his son John ,nephews John and William Fortiham/Jotiham ? Niece Elizabeth Jotiham. Nieces Fanny Wilson and Molly Gray .Mr Christopher Kempster of the Mermaid Inn in Burford.

I'd be surprised to find that Thomas and his sister Mary ,and the Mary born 1772 and your Joseph born 1745 weren't related.
But I'm struggling to find Joseph's baptism or in fact any of the baptism records.

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Re: Grey Area

Postby Will Mundy » Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:10 pm

Thanks for reply, I think you’re right that they’re all related at some point but the lack of records don’t help to make it easy. I have found a Michael Grey baptising children in the 1740s and 50’s in Shipton under Wychwood, a John in 1747 and Thomas in 1749/50 but this Thomas seems to have died in infancy.

In the quarter sessions for Oxfordshire I found a record for Thomas and Joseph Grey they appear to have been game keepers they were were recorded as being in Shipton under Wychwood at the time in 1770, this also backs the theory they were brothers. There was another Thomas Grey born a little bit further away in Swerford near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire son of Thomas Grey. I couldn’t find any record of Mary or Molly though. Michael Grey was born in 1717 in Chastleton right on the Gloucestershire border with Oxfordshire to William and Elizabeth Grey

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Will Mundy
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Re: Grey Area

Postby Artognou » Mon Dec 09, 2019 9:41 pm

Hi, sadly I am unable to help right now with research due to not having been able to update my subs, but you shouldn't have any problems in finding your ancestors in Shorthampton, because it's a VERY tiny hamlet - literally a tiny cluster of houses.
I live in the south of Oxfordshire and I had a few days holiday earlier this year in nearby Chadlington and I visited Shorthampton church, which is absolutely lovely and I highly recommend you look it up and if you can, pay it a visit.

It would also appear that the family moved around somewhat, because Shorthampton is pretty much Cotswolds territory, whereas Wootton is on the outskirts of Abingdon.

Edit: Forget what I said about Wootton, there's one not far up the road from Stonesfield, closer to Blenheim Palace.
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Re: Grey Area

Postby MayHam » Tue Dec 10, 2019 7:04 pm

I must confess I found all the Mary's mentioned a bit confusing.

I did see the 1788 PCC will of Mary Gray (sic) which says she was a Spinster of Charlbury. So, I think it's unlikely she married Thomas Rawlings/Rollins in 1790 as witnessed by John Grey, unless this Mary is the Molly Gray mentioned in her Aunt's will?

There was a "Frances Grey" baptised in 1734 in Bicester to Richard. I couldn't find a marriage to a Mr. Wilson but a Frances Wilson was buried in Albury in 1799.

I also note, in the 1841 census, that Joseph Gray was born in Oxfordshire. Also noticed Joseph's first son was named William. It's hardly scientific but, traditionally, in Scotland, at least, the first son would be named after the father's father. Joseph's wife, Sarah Robinson, appears to be the daughter of Joseph & Mary. Joseph & Sarah named their second son, Joseph, which would be traditional.

Coincidentally, there was a William & Ann(e) Grey/Gray in Chalgrove who had several children baptized between 1744-1754 including a Thomas & Mary. There is a gap between 1750-1754 in which I couldn't find a baptism. There was a Joseph Grey, son of William & Ann, baptized in 1795, in Charlford, which a person can be baptized at any age. I'm speculating, of course, in case they missed baptizing Joseph as an infant.
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