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Sarah Dewbury

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Sarah Dewbury

Postby sdup26 » Thu Dec 05, 2019 5:34 pm

One of my ancestors is still a mystery despite previous help from this forum, so I'm re-visiting her, just in case!
Agnes Grant was born in Manchester in 1856; her birth certificate shows her parents as Hugh Grant and Sarah Grant, formerly Dupree (no marriage found). On other family documents, Sarah's surname is also spelled Duprey or Dubery.
However, on Agnes's RC baptism certificate, father is Hugh Grant, while mother is named not as Sarah, but as Alice Grant nee Dewbury. The 1861 Altrincham census shows Agnes's mother Sarah was born in 'Wasdon' Buckinghamshire c1826.
There was an Alice Dewbury born in Waddesdon, Bucks, c1827. She was orphaned in infancy, and on the 1841 census for Waddesdon, was a female servant in the Dennis household, but I can't find her after 1841.
When Sarah gave 'Alice' as her name to the priest at Agnes's baptism, was it because 'Sarah' wasn't the name she was born with? And she says she was born in 'Wasdon' which Bucks FHS says is the 'local' pronunciation of Waddesdon. Is this place of birth just coincidence? Or could Alice and Sarah be the same person?
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Re: Sarah Dewbury

Postby ciderdrinker » Fri Dec 06, 2019 11:52 am

I see your problem.
Alice Dewberry bapt 30.7.1826 d of John and Sarah at Waddeson would fit.
Other children Elizabeth 23.10.1814 married William Hine 26.2.1832 ,
Ruth and William 8.9.1816 (Ruth buried 9.9.1816 and William 23.10.1827 ) ,
Francis 14.11.1819 and ag lab wives Sarah Frank and Martha Walsh ,
Harriet 4.11.1821 possibly marries John Evett in 1859 ,
Jane 28.3.1824 amrried Henry W Brandon 1846. With them in 1851 is a William Duberry age 4 nephew.

Both John and Sarah died in 1827 as you know.

But I did spy a son for Hugh and 'Sarah' Grant ,Francis born 1863 and it made me wonder about the brother Francis.Could he be named after him.
He was baptised 27.9.1863 and buried 20.11.1863.

There seems to be a marriage for Alice Dewberry which may explain a few things
Bowdon Cheshire 18.4.1821
William Gresty full bach lab Baguley Edward Gresty farmer
Alice Dewberry full spins Baguley John Dewberry labourer
wit Edward Gresty and Henry Service who also witnesses the following marriage on the 21st.

William Gresty died at Baguley 21.1.1857 age 30 years.(William s of Edward and is 15 on the 1841 census at Bowdon ).
Mary Elizabeth Gresty born June 1856 madn name Dewberry
But Agnes is born Dec 1856 in Manchester
There also seems to be a son John Dewsberry Gresty Dec 1860
So maybe not your woman?

What do you think?

Damn Alice is born in Cheshire on the 1871 census so not your Alice Dewberry!

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Re: Sarah Dewbury

Postby sdup26 » Fri Dec 06, 2019 2:40 pm

Many thanks ciderdrinker - yes, I wondered about that Alice Dewberry in Bowdon, but ruled her out.
And you're right that Francis jnr could have been named for one of 'Alice's' brothers. If so, she didn't hold the memory very dear - Francis died of marasmus (failure to thrive) aged 2 months, and the inquest said his parents (Hugh and Sarah), who were well-known drunks, had been 'remiss' in their parenting. Just to prove them right, another son, Hugh jnr, died at 7 weeks, and the newspaper report said the coroner remarked on the fact that his parents were clearly the worse for wear throughout the inquest. So a pretty horrible couple all round, but I'm still curious about Sarah/Alice.
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Re: Sarah Dewbury

Postby travelbugs1993 » Sat Dec 14, 2019 11:35 pm

Could it be that Sarah (in a worse for wear state) answered the question “Mother’s name?” as her mother’s? Ie Alice? Even though she was an orphan, she may still have known her parents names.

Good luck.
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Re: Sarah Dewbury

Postby sdup26 » Sun Dec 15, 2019 3:53 pm

That's definitely worth looking into. Many thanks!
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