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Elusive Elizabeth SMITH

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Elusive Elizabeth SMITH

Postby Geoff_T. » Sun Nov 24, 2019 8:07 pm

My brick wall seems to contain a number of bricks where Elizabeth is concerned, so I apologise if it contains too many questions for one posting.
She first appears when she marries my 2xGt Grandfather Henry William Tovey (his occupation Pewterer) on 16th August 1847, the marriage certificate shows them both of full age residing at Middlesex Street and married at the Parish Chapel, St. Pancras, Middlesex. Her father is given as James Smith, dead.
However, there is no trace of them living together in 1851. I believe I may have found them in the census.
Elizabeth (born 1827) is living with her brother James Smith (born 1834) HO107/1490/887/65 at 9 Great Park Lane, Marylebone.
Henry is living with a wife of Frances Tovey, born 1820 in Birmingham, although I have been unable to trace this marriage. HO107/1508/308/44 at 3 Little Wild St. Giles in Field (Finsbury)
In 1854 their son is born and I have the certificate and baptism record of Henry James Tovey born 7 June 1854 at 183 Brick Lane, Christchurch, registered in Spitalfields, Whitechapel, Middlesex. Father Henry and mother Elizabeth Tovey, formerly Smith.
In 1855 Henry William dies and the certificate shows E. Tovey present at death at 34 Carlisle Street, Marylebone.
There is no trace of Elizabeth or her son in the 1861 census.
In 1871 mother and son are together at Canterbury Road, Kensington. Elizabeth born 1829. RG10/41/59/6.
I have found a death of an Elizabeth Tovey on 25th December 1872 age 42 (born 1830) widow and was hoping for an address or informant. The certificate issued in the registrar’s District of St. Pauls Hammersmith (Superintendent RD of Kensington) was a shock as it gives the cause of death as “Violent-run over by railway train-accidental” and the informant is the coroner for Middlesex, inquest held on 28th December and registered 31st December.
By 1881 there is no trace of Elizabeth and her son is now married.
I may have found Elizabeth in 1841 but little confidence in HO/107/681/6/18/31 at Platt Terrace, St. Pancras born 1830 but I appreciate that ages are rounded up or down at that time.
My problems are therefore I have 3 possible year of birth 1827, 1829 or 1830.
As the birth is prior to 1837 there will be no birth certificate but I have been unable to trace a baptism anywhere.
So questions are:
1.Is the 1841 census correct?
2.If I have traced the correct people in 1851 why are they apart and who is Frances?
3.Where are Elizabeth and her son in 1861? (workhouse is a possible option I suppose)
4.How can I confirm the death certificate that I have got? (I have been unable to trace anything in a newspaper search using FMP or British Newspaper Archive).
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Re: Elusive Elizabeth SMITH

Postby brunes08 » Sun Nov 24, 2019 10:30 pm

Just my initial thought without looking up the census returns. You say that Elizabeth and Henry are living apart on the 1851 census. This is not necessarily the case. The census records just one night - not a week, a month, a year or anything else. Therefore it is entirely possible that Elizabeth was just visiting her brother. The census requires that individuals residing at a property for that one night be listed there whether it is their main home or not.

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Re: Elusive Elizabeth SMITH

Postby Geoff_T. » Mon Nov 25, 2019 9:08 am

Hi brunes08, that was my first thought but when Henry gives his details he is listed as the head but then gives the lodger's details before then mentioning his "wife" Frances from Birmingham. That is the fly in the ointment

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