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Manchester 1851 census.

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Manchester 1851 census.

Postby Templ4r » Wed Nov 06, 2019 6:47 pm

As a lot of people know, quite a bit of the Manchester 1851 census books were damaged by water and weren't readable. After getting microfiche transcriptions years ago, they were eventually scanned and rescanned a few years ago using ultraviolet light, I still couldn't find them no matter how I squinted or held them at arms length....

But I could never find James Hassall,25, a Shoemaker and his wife Ellen,26, though I knew they were either on Nelson St or Chorlton St.

Imagine my surprise today when I had another search online and some extremely talented indexer with a good eye has found them. Looking at the page it's almost impossible to see them, but they are at Chorlton street.

I'll attach the page so you can have a look and try to see where they are.. ( they are 6 lines from the bottom) still took me a while and I knew they were on that page...

I'd like to publicly thank all the people who do the hard work for us by indexing census', parish registers, etc. and making this hobby of ours a lot easier.
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