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Tue Nov 05, 2019 4:33 pm

Rebecca was born in Whitchurch, Hampshire in 1795, being baptised on 15 Nov 1795. She then disappears from the records.

Having not found any early burial, I have tried searching both 1851 and 1861 for a Rebecca born in Whitchurch to try to identify a possible husband and marriage. One interesting result is a Rebecca born in 1791 in Whitchurch. She is living in Whitchurch in 1861 aged 70 married to a Samuel. Their surname differs, being GILBURN in FMP and GOLLNER in Ancestry.

I can't find the couple in 1851.

This is probably a wild goose chase, but its the only lead that I have at present.

I would welcome any insights on what happened to Rebecca after her baptism.


Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:29 pm

Could the surname be Gillin? There's a Samuel & Rebecca Gillin living at Mill Street, Whitchuch in 1841. Rebecca's birth year is c1791. In 1851, Samuel (servant) is residing at Hurstbourne Priors, Whitchurch. Rebecca's not at the address, though. Rebecca Gillin died in 1869.

Note: there's an 29 April 1832 marriage in Whitchurch for a Samuel Gillin and a Mary Jenkins. There's a 9 Sept 1832 burial for Mary Gillen in Whitchurch.

On 21 April 1833, Samuel married a Rebecca Jenkins in Andover. So the couple in the census records: possibly not your Rebecca??


Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:01 am

Mo - having looked at your findings I agree that this isn't my Rebecca, which leaves unresolved what happened to her. I have looked through the Hampshire marriage and burial indexes on FMP but can find nothing on any of the three usual variations, namely ORCHARD, ARCHARD or ARCHER. Not sure where to go next with this search.

I have similar problems with her elder sister Elizabeth (bap 26 Nov 1786) and Elder brother John (bap 28 Oct 1788).
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