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Which Anne Turberville?

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Which Anne Turberville?

Postby Robbie J N » Sun Oct 27, 2019 4:10 pm

I am a bit confused as to which of 2 possible women named Anne (or Ann) Turberville is my ancestor.

The earliest record for the correct one, that definitely matches up with other records, is on the baptism record for her son Richard Crump in Rendcomb, Gloucestershire, in 1781.
The next year she married Anthony Crump (Richard’s father) and they went on to have 5 more children that I have so far found.

Ann (no ‘e’ this time) Crump is on the 1841 census listed as 85, with her son Thomas aged 42 (actually born in 1791) and his family in Rendcomb. (I know that family relationships are not shown in the 1841 census, so no need to point that out.) Following through with 2 of Thomas’s children, Richard and Charles, finds them living with their aunty Elizabeth Tovey, nee Crump, aged 65 (actually born in 1783) in the 1851 census, in Cirencester.
So far that all seems to add up as being the right family. The names of Anne’s children match up with baptism records, give or take a couple of years. No way of knowing the exact date of birth as the baptism records do not give that information.

Looking for baptism records for an Anne Turberville comes back with 2 options.
The one I had initially thought it to be was Ann, daughter of George and Elizabeth (Jones), in Tewkesbury in 1761. However there is a marriage for an Ann Turberville in nearby Twyning, on the outskirts of Tewkesbury, in 1780 to a Charles Page. Having recently discovered that marriage record on Ancestry, I looked for some other possibilities.
I found another Anne Turberville, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Bullingham), in Ashton Under Hill in 1754. This date matches the 1841 census record better than the 1761 age.

Can anyone help me to determine which Anne, or Ann, is the correct one who married Anthony Crump in Rendcomb in 1782? Both places of birth are on the other side of the county, both north of Cheltenham, compared to where the marriage took place, the outskirts of Cirencester.
(I am currently leaning towards the 1754 Anne rather than the 1761 Ann as the right one.)

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
Robbie J N
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Re: Which Anne Turberville?

Postby ciderdrinker » Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:37 pm

Her burial at Rendcomb
Ann Crump 22.3.1851 age 94 years .
This would suggest a birth c 1756 .
So looking more like the one in 1754.
That and the naming of her son after her father would swing it for me.

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Re: Which Anne Turberville?

Postby Robbie J N » Tue Oct 29, 2019 1:00 pm

I found the death record on the GRO, and also thought the age matches up better.
Lived in Cirencester (matching 1841 census) at the time of death, but buried in Rendcomb (matching marriage).
I will have to check when and where her husband died, before 1841 I guess.
(Checking my records, Anthony Crump died in Rendcomb aged 80 in 1841, a few months before the census. He was born in 1760, so that matches. No record for it on the GRO can be found though.)

Plus, I checked a few baptism records for Tewkesbury for children born 1780-1800 with parents Charles and Ann Page, and one of the children was called George, born 1783, presumably after his maternal grandfather, much like Richard Crump was named after his maternal grandfather.

Also, the 1841 census says Ann/Anne was born in Gloucestershire and I have not been able to find any other Anne Turbervilles born in the same county in that approximate time period.

I guess that probably solves it.
Thanks again.

(Not too bad - I just had to delete 18 people from my tree, change the year of birth for 1 person remaining, and add 12 new names.)
Robbie J N
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