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Death: Surman

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Death: Surman

Postby grandpabeard » Fri Oct 25, 2019 6:39 pm

Hi My problem is A girl was born in a hospital in 1972. She died 30 mins later I have found Birth/death Certificates for her now the problem is were was she buried the nurses at the hospital told the mom she would be put in a coffin with someone else. The baby was just taken away when she was born and the mother never saw her again is there a way to trace who's coffin she is in
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Re: Death: Surman

Postby phsvm » Sat Oct 26, 2019 1:51 pm

If you really mean 1972 and not 1872 (sorry to query this but this seems rather a strange request) then this is very recent and I suspect would flout all clinical and NHS guidelines and procedures. It certainly would today.

1972 is not long before the big scandal relating to babies organs being kept and parents not informed of this. After that scandal came to light there were a number of changes in the way deaths of new borns and infant deaths were dealt with I believe and certainly a number of NHS Trusts were forced to hand over details to the relatives of the babies involved.

I suggest that, assuming the hospital is still in existance you contact the bereavement office in the hospital and ask them what information they can help you with. If the hospital is no longer in existance another hospital would have taken over its records so you need to find out which NHS Trust that was. That shouldn't be too dfficult.

You might have an uphill struggle but I believe you should be entitled to more information than you seem to have at the moment.
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Re: Death: Surman

Postby MaureenE » Sun Oct 27, 2019 8:02 am

In certain places/time frames, stillborns were disposed of through the hospital incineration system, see this 2014 link ... tion-shows

I wonder whether the hospital decided that the mother would not have the financial resources to provide a funeral for the baby who died, and decided it would be better to similarly to dispose of the body, but to make it more acceptable to the mother, advised as per the original post.

In Australia (where I live) the practice seems to be to release a body to a funeral director, who then arranges for a coffin, so I am not sure that there is ever a situation where a body leaves a hospital in a coffin. It makes me wonder whether the story of the baby being placed in someone else's coffin, is an untrue story told by hospital staff to disguise what actually happened.

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