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Ancestors saying where they’re from

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Ancestors saying where they’re from

Postby Will Mundy » Wed Oct 23, 2019 6:48 pm

Good evening,

While researching my ancestors I have found some of them say where they’re from in marriage records. While this can be accurate sometimes, other times it seems to not be very accurate at all. I have one ancestor Thomas Snowshill (1736 -1820) who married Hannah Baker in 1759 in Stanton Harcourt and says he is from Sunningwell but I have found this isn’t true there are no records of Snowshill in that area at all before he married Hannah. I was wondering if anybody knows why ancestors say they are from one place but are actually from somewhere else?

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Will Mundy
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Re: Ancestors saying where they’re from

Postby Norfolk Nan » Wed Oct 23, 2019 7:14 pm

I think you will have to dig deeper to find a reason for that, if there is one. I have found ancestors aren’t always precise in their information giving for a whole raft of reasons but the address on the marriage certificate usually refers to where the individual resides at the time of posting the banns. You may think the groom lives in one village but in fact he is working elsewhere so resident in a more convenient address albeit it fairly temporary. Or, in one case in my tree, the couple had been living as man and wife for a number of years so opted to marry well away from their local neighbourhood and used different addresses in the same road in a parish about fifteen miles away. I’ve yet to find any actual link to those two addresses but I suspect they were borrowed from friends of friends.
Norfolk Nan
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Re: Ancestors saying where they’re from

Postby AdrianB38 » Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:01 pm

Norfolk Nan wrote:... the address on the marriage certificate usually refers to where the individual resides at the time of posting the banns. ...

Agreed - it's their residence at (roughly) the time of marriage, not where they're originally from (if that's what Will meant). So there are all sorts of reasons, as suggested above, why that "marriage-residence" might not be where you expect.

My GG-GF lived in one of the rural parishes in NW Staffs but got what I call a Potteries Divorce by marrying in Wolstanton where no-one would know him. Reader, he was already married.... Both bride and groom stated that they were living in Knutton in Wolstanton parish. GG-GM came from Wrenbury in Cheshire, GG-GF was last seen previously in Madeley, Staffs.

Yours may be nothing like as dramatic but even if a marriage is only slightly controversial, it may take place "somewhere else", leading to a temporary residence for both parties (probably - otherwise the banns will get called for one in their home parish).
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Re: Ancestors saying where they’re from

Postby JohnRr » Thu Oct 24, 2019 11:15 am

Hi Will, I have the parish transcriptions for Sunningwell and have found an entry under Banns for what would appear to be your ancestors Thomas and Hannah. I've attached it for you to see. It would appear that the Banns were read in Sunningwell and they were married in Stanton Harcourt. I don't know how much info you have on this couple but I've also found baptism records in Sunningwell for 3 of their children: James 8 June 1760, Jenny 22 May 1763, and Hannah 26 Oct 1766. I hope this helps.
Marriage Banns for Thomas Snowshill & Hannah Baker
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