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WWII Home Guard records?

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Re: WWII Home Guard records?

Postby AdrianB38 » Sun Sep 29, 2019 5:50 pm

wecanbeheroes wrote:... Counting the men in the front, from left to right Henry is the fourth. Fourth from left...

Ooops - you were counting that way! (Me being lazy, I'd have counted from the right for him! ;) ) Anyway, same thing applies - medal ribbons implying he served abroad during WW1.

Have a look at - you may already know about the site, of course - if you want to find his WW1 details. The problem there is that his papers appear to have been amongst the two thirds or so burnt during WW2, so you're left with things like Medal Cards, one of which should be him - but which? My usual advice is to look for Absent Voters' Lists - the version of the Electoral Register designed for the equivalent of postal votes - because these give regimental number and unit. See Not all of these survive.

However.... I think his does - and it's online on Ancestry. If there are two Henry Grosvenor Moorcrofts, then of course I'm sunk! But this one is "Hy Grosvener Moorcroft" in "Midlands, England, Electoral Registers, 1832-1955". Theoretically he's at 133 Minstead Rd in the Erdington South Ward of the Birminham area. Don't read his unit from the Ancestry index - it's a mess, he was 281727, rank Pioneer, TIF Sig Company, Royal Engineers. No, I don't know what a TIF Signals Company was! Pioneer & Sapper were the equivalent of Private in the Royal Engineers - Sappers were skilled people who'd served apprenticeships, etc, Pioneers were semi-skilled, perhaps trained while in the RE.
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