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Jack Marshall - Jewish grandfather

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Re: Jack Marshall - Jewish grandfather

Postby MysticDave » Sun Oct 13, 2019 12:50 am

Oh yes, very easy - that was where I had my Alistair McGowan moment. I was brought up with them being descended from the Scottish border family, but it turned out the direct line male ancestor from the 15th century, is buried in Wonersh church, a few miles up the road from Shamley Green. :o They would appear to be French originally crossing into Sussex around 1300. They are local gentry on the make, but as we spin off in the 17th century, they just marry locals - a mix of Celts, French and Jutes, I should think.

By a bizarre coincidence, I have to go to Derby in April and I was going to check some papers on a completely different subject in Nottingham University. They also hold a manuscript of Vermuyden’s company, which was set up to drain Axholme, so there might be information there, especially given Jewish links with finance.

Thanks for your help - it is a surprising new turn! I am even pretty sure which local estate they were working in - the Courage family had an estate at Derry’s Wood Farm just up the road near Wonersh and there is a family tale that Violet’s mum was carrying on with “old man Courage”.
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