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The BIRDs and ROBERTS of Edmonton

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The BIRDs and ROBERTS of Edmonton

Postby SDV » Thu Sep 19, 2019 10:46 am

John BIRD married Ann HEAD on 14 Nov 1802 at All Saints, Edmonton. They had three children together that I know of: John (b1807), William (b1812) and Mary (b1814).

John was evidently a soldier. I have no idea of when or where he was born, or indeed where and when he died. I think he must have been dead by Sep 1824, as it appears that Ann BIRD, a widow, married John ROBERTS, a widower, at St Andrew in Enfield.

As for Ann, once again I have no real evidence of when and where she was born, though an Ann HEAD was born 22 Nov 1773 at Kingsland Road, Hackney and baptised at St Leonard, Shoreditch. I believe she married twice and died Feb 1838 as Ann ROBERTS (65) at Eaton Place, Fore Street, Edmonton.

John BIRD: b 05 Jan 1807 in Edmonton and baptised 01 Feb 1807 at All Saints. A John Bird died at Edmonton Workhouse in 1850, aged 43 consistent with being born in 1807. I have no idea where he was in 1841.

William BIRD: b 27 Jun 1812 in Edmonton and baptised 18 Oct 1812 at All Saints. A William Bird died at Edmonton Workhouse in 1873, aged 63 which once again is more or less consistent with being born in 1812. I have no idea where he was in 1841, 1851 or 1861. There is a William Bird living as a lodger in Silver Street, Waltham Cross in 1871, aged 60, who may or may not be our William.

Mary Ann BIRD: b 31 Mar 1814 in Edmonton and baptised 17 Apr 1814 at All Saints. She married James MARDELL on 07 Jun 1830 at All Saints. She married as Mary Ann BIRD, but the birth certificates of her children give her former name as ROBERTS. She is well documented up until her death in 1896, once again at Edmonton workhouse.

Anne's second husband John ROBERTS is also a mystery. Apart from his marriage to Ann I can only find him in 1841 and 1851. In 1841, he is living aged 70 with James and Mary MARDELL at Eaton Place, Edmonton. In 1851, he is still living with the family aged 75, he is unmarried and born in Bedfordshire.

It would appear that John and Ann ROBERTS had at least two daughters both born in Edmonton: Eliza (1818-1823) and Elizabeth (1821-?). There was an Elizabeth ROBERTS, aged 20, living with the family in 1841. Whilst Eliza was buried at All Saints in November 1823, I have no idea what became of Elizabeth after 1841.

As you can see There are many gaps in my knowledge of this family. Needless to say, I would appreciate any help in discovering more about my 4GGPs.
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Re: The BIRDs and ROBERTS of Edmonton

Postby Templ4r » Fri Sep 20, 2019 8:49 pm

John Bird jr and William are buried in All Saints, Edmonton. Died in the Workhouse.

There is an entry for a court appearence that matches John in 1847.
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Re: The BIRDs and ROBERTS of Edmonton

Postby SDV » Sun Sep 22, 2019 3:41 pm

Sorry I should have said, but I know about the burials at Edmonton, though how can one be sure that these are for the correct John and William?

Likewise with the court appearance, how can I be sure this is the correct John Bird?

I'm not being dismissive of your findings, but it is easy to be fooled by similar names and ages, proof is much harder.
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