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Unrecognisable Army Number???

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Unrecognisable Army Number???

Postby Nickyolly » Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:41 pm

Hi All,
Blimey, this tracing ancestor stuff isn't easy is it? Especially when, after over a year of research you realise your late grandfather had swapped his middle name for his brothers, added some extra letters to mix it up a bit and a few more years for good measure added to his date of birth. He wasn't old enough to sign up at 14/15 so he lied!!

Anyway ... I have his army record book. His army number is 15004504. I've used all of the websites and none of them recognise the number ' 0 Results ' every time!!

Oh I forgot to mention ... he was born in Lahore India, signed up in Sialkot with the British Army in April 1942. I know for sure he was Special Force Chindits. I found his Chindit letter from April 44. He settled in Britain with the Royal Leics with release leave at york.

His little soldiers release/ service record book is stamped with ..,.

14th Air Landings
14th Infantry Brigade
2nd Battalion Royal Leic.

He never spoke of anything before Britain - ever.

Any advice, knowledge, pointers, anything, something? Would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Unrecognisable Army Number???

Postby AdrianB38 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:59 pm

All Army records from about 1920 are still with the Ministry of Defence. See for how to get hold of them. You'll need a death certificate plus (probably) authority from the next of kin if that's not you.

All post 1920 records on other sites are just minor stuff - casualty lists, PoW lists, military newspapers - all of which might be great to have but aren't the fundamental pages.

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Re: Unrecognisable Army Number???

Postby MaureenE » Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:40 pm

WW2Talk Forums have a category India & Burma, for information about Chindits

I suggest posting there

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Re: Unrecognisable Army Number???

Postby Lyndale » Wed Sep 18, 2019 12:01 am

Dear Nickyolly,
The advice provided by Adrian is your very next step to unlock your grandfather’s WW2 record. All WW2 service records have survived. If your grandmother is still alive, she can apply in her name for free, otherwise the fee is GBP30.00. A photocopy of his death cert will be required (need not be certified) unless 116 years have passed since his birth. Copy DC’s are easy to obtain online from GRO Certificate Services Southport for GBP9.50.
I can add some information meantime…
1) The number 15004504 is in the sequence issued for…”India (for local enlistments into British corps and regiments”, which was a sequence block introduced in Sep 1943, thus he enlisted on or after this date. 2) the 14th Air Landing Brigade was raised in India on 1st Nov 1944 on conversion from its previous designation of 14th Infantry Brigade. 14th A.L. Bde consisted of 2nd Battalion King’s Own Royal Regiment, 2nd Battalion Black Watch and 4th Battalion Rajputana Rifles. The brigade was part of the 44th Indian Airborne Division and served only in India 1-11-44 to 31-8-45. 3) 14th Infantry Brigade was part of 4th Indian Division and as explained above, was converted to an Air Landing Brigade in 1944 (i.e. landed by gliders). 4) 2nd Battalion Royal Leicestershire Regiment was part of 111th Indian Brigade at Bangalore from 12-10-1944, then moved to Shargarh 18-10-1944 until 20-5-1945 when in Poona it came under 26th Infantry Division, but by then your grandfather had already been transferred to 14th Brigade. In the list of units it seems to me that he served in order from the bottom unit up.
Regards Lyndale.
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