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Gov UK Find a Will Service

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Gov UK Find a Will Service

Postby vas13 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 9:17 am

Delighted that the above service has reduced its fee for wills. Beware though - the estimated delivery date sent back to a customer who has ordered a will is way out! My delivery date should have been around 11 August and a month later there's still no sign. Apparently (and pretty obviously really!) the service has been inundated since reducing its fees and cannot meet the demand. Whilst understandable, it would have been helpful if they could have adjusted their delivery date and website to reflect this. Neither are they able to meet their 2 day response time for queries, which must have mounted thanks to non-delivery of items!!
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Re: Gov UK Find a Will Service

Postby Rosemary Collins » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:21 am

Hi, a lot of our other readers have been reporting these delays as well (I don't know if you saw this thread? topic18009.html) I contacted the Ministry of Justice and they said they've had a backlog of probate records since April so there are a lot of delays with orders but they're working to reduce it. Look out for my article in our next issue!
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Re: Gov UK Find a Will Service

Postby pollymac » Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:46 pm

Thanks for the update Rosemary.
I’m still waiting for wills with expected delivery date of 10th August, so they are now a month overdue. Looking forward to reading your article in the next issue.
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Re: Gov UK Find a Will Service

Postby martync » Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:40 am

I also ordered 6 due on 8 Aug, one recent one arrived (I think recent ones are already digitised so arrive quickly) but no sign of the other 5. I do feel for the staff the spike in demand must be enormous.
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Re: Gov UK Find a Will Service

Postby ksouthall » Sun Sep 15, 2019 11:50 am

I'm also waiting for 4 wills that had an estimated delivery date of 11th August. I didn't realise they had a backlog from April so am guessing it will be quite a wait yet, then!
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