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Charles William Papworth - Confused!

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Re: Charles William Papworth - Confused!

Postby ianbee » Thu Sep 05, 2019 7:17 pm

Mo who found EJF in Camberwell in 1911 will be pleased if it is the right lady. It kind of looks as if Ellen committed bigamy. I am rather surprised.
Another mystery may be Annie Frances Eatwell, who exactly was she? That could make a new topic on the forum one day!
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Re: Charles William Papworth - Confused!

Postby avaline » Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:16 pm

Ah yes, apologies Mo!

There's so much info now I'm losing track a little, but did anybody already mention this marriage:

25 Dec 1923 St Pancras
George Davey 21 bachelor Carman 12 Thanet Street. Father: George Ellis Davey, Brass Founder
Annie Frances Eatwell 27 Spinster 6 Sandwich Street. Father: Thomas Eatwell (deceased) Printer
Wits: CW Papworth, Rosa Nicholls

Added: The 1939 register has her DoB as 19 Mar 1896

GRO Reference: 1896 J Quarter in ST GILES Volume 01B Page 606
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Re: Charles William Papworth - Confused!

Postby avaline » Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:50 pm

I have to go off now, but I'll leave this for others to try & work through.

In 1939 Annie Frances Davey is with one of the Papworth children (Ive closed the record, but middle name was Rosetta), so she's definitely connected.

There are several other Eatwell/Crace births, but from the baptisms the father was Arthur:

15 Apr 1896 (born 19 Mar 1896) Annie Frances d/o Arthur & Annie Eatwell 26 Little Guilford Street, Labourer

3 July 1892 Albert William s/o Arthur & Annie Eatwell 26 Little Gilford Street, Printer
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Re: Charles William Papworth - Confused!

Postby avaline » Thu Sep 05, 2019 11:05 pm

Back! This could be a possible for Annie Frances Papworth/Eatwell/Crace

1891 26 Little Guildford Street
Arthur Eatwell 30 Printers Labourer b London Bloomsbury
Annie Eatwell 24 b Ireland, Kilkenny

1881 Census – 3 Kings Place, Bermondsey
James Crace 40 Pensioner from Army b Walworth
Emily 32 wife born Ireland
Emily 13 daughter b Channel Islands
James 11 son b Ireland
Annie 9 daur b Ireland
Alice 7 daur b East India, British Subject
Theresea(sic) 5 daur b East India, British Subject

Baptism Poonamallee, India, 1 Jan 1875 (born 6 Dec 1874)
Alice Maria d/o James & Emily Crace, Poonamallee, Sgt 43rd Light Infantry

Baptism Bangalore, India, 5 Jul 1877 (born 16 Jun 1877)
Ellen Theresa d/o James & Emily Crace, Bellary, Private 43rd Light Infantry

Birth Certificate on Irish Genealogy:
7 Jun 1872 Barracks Millstreet, County Cork
Frances Anne Crace
Father: John James Crace, Barracks Millstreet, Sergeant in 43rd Light Infantry
Mother: Emily Crace formerly Markham
Informant: JJ Crace, Father, Barracks Millstreet
Registered 17 Jun 1872

In 1891 James, Emily & some of their children are at Prices Lane, Christchurch, Southwark. James is 51 & a Dock Porter– close enough to a warehouseman?

In 1901 Annie is a widow (Arthur died 1897) and is with her daughter, Annie Frances
10 Taplow Street, Shoreditch
Annie Heatwell widow 29 born Kilkenny, Ireland
Annie Heatwell 6 born Holborn
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Re: Charles William Papworth - Confused!

Postby Robbie J N » Fri Sep 06, 2019 1:17 am

Just to clarify:
The 7 children Charles William Papworth had with Annie Frances Eatwell should actually have been listed with mother’s maiden name ‘Crace’ and not ‘Eatwell’, to be technically correct.

Also, strange that my incorrect theory about C W Papworth possibly being stationed all over the world in the Army, maybe even having children in those places, was actually the case for his ‘father-in-law’, Annie Frances Crace’s father.

No divorce or annulment for Charles and Ellen, plus no marriage for Charles and Annie, seems to be available.

What started off with a request to explain 7 children’s birth records and a 1911 census discrepancy, relative to a known 1894 marriage, has expanded into at least 4 families, based on the parent couplings, all producing various half and step-siblings over 20 years.
I thought this was confusing, but nowhere near as complicated as this!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the info posted in this thread.
(I imagine this is not the end of it.)
Robbie J N
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