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Resworn value of probate

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Resworn value of probate

Postby AdrianB38 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 6:52 pm

This topic has come up before - what does it mean when a probate calendar shows a value and then says, "Resworn" with another value? I think that I've suggested in the past that, having obtained probate, the executors may have found another bank account / asset / etc. Well, in my 6 cheap wills that I recently ordered, I found one with a resworn value and it's a circumstance that I never thought of before, so I thought I'd pass it on.

Agnes Noble died on 13 May 1914 (the calendar says 13 January but it was registered Q2 1914 so given these circumstances, that doesn't seem to fit). Probate was obtained for her will on 24 June 1914, with a gross value of £596 5s 10d. However, it was resworn on an unknown date at £653 1s 4d. No explanation there but...

Her husband, John Handforth Noble, had died 15 April 1914, leaving basically everything to his wife. His wife, one of two executors named, had no chance to obtain probate and it wasn't until 14 December 1914 that the other executor, Agnes' brother, George Bates, obtained probate for John Noble's will - with a net value for the estate of £56 15s 6d. Obviously(?) this meant that an extra £56 15s 6d not previously known about was part of her estate, so George being the upright citizen that he was (appointed a Borough Magistrate 2y later), made sure everything was correct and had the estate value resworn at some £56 higher.

I'm sure that I've got at least one other odd estate value - maybe a hidden legacy received after death explains others.

Of my six wills that I ordered on 23 July, I got one back 20 August, four spread over 29 and 30 August and one is outstanding. No major new information in them - the most interesting one was for former Captain Ezra Manning MC, who was the ex(I think) husband of the infamous Edith Roya who led us such a merry dance from England to New Jersey via India and several aliases. He doesn't mention Edith or their adopted daughter but does list several nieces and nephews like any good relative should. After all the legalese in the will, I think we hear the real Ezra and just in tribute to him, I quote those final words:
I have never liked funerals and shall like my own least of any. I wish my remains to be cremated at as little cost and with as little fuss as possible and my ashes scattered over the grave of my parents at Weaver Churchyard, Cheshire.

Thus I return from whence I came,
A wilful boy - a wayward man.

( I presume the last two lines are a quote but Google hasn't yet identified it.)
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Re: Resworn value of probate

Postby meekhcs » Sat Aug 31, 2019 8:33 am

Thanks Adrian
An interesting read and more knowledge for the knowledge bank.

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