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Stasi archive

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Stasi archive

Postby junkers » Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:04 am

There was a most interesting talk recently at The National Archives, Kew, by the Spokesperson for the Stasi Archive in Berlin. The Stasi were the East German secret police and divided into many offices and when East Germany was falling apart a group of women occupied the Stasi offices when it became aparent that the Stasi were trying to destroy their archive. Not all of the records were saved, especially on the Stasi involvement overseas. They also hold a Stasi pass for Vladimir Putin who was in the KGB there at the time. Individuals, not just East Germans, can access their files subject to some restrictions under eight German laws. The National Archives hope to put the talk online. It shows what 'people power' can do, shame the Government still persists in destroying documents. One can hardly see MI5 giving people such access here.
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