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£1.50 Wills

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Re: £1.50 Wills

Postby ksouthall » Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:13 am

Robbie J N wrote:There are 2 things that do not seem to make sense about the delivery times.

1 - All the wills should already be digitised and therefore it is simply a matter that the correct one be sent out. They should not have to go through the process of manually scanning each will that has been requested, as they should already have been. They will all have to be scanned in eventually.

To K Southall:
I think several of the wills I have requested may not have been before. They are from an ‘extinct’ branch of my family where there are no direct descendants...
Some of the wills have handwritten numbers next to them. They are referred to as ‘Folio Numbers’ on the search form. I wonder if those are the ones that have already been digitised and ordered by someone else before. (The numbers are seen next to the brief description of a will when you are searching the database.)

I think the wills are being scanned in when requested. That's why the turnround time is 10 working days. I doubt if they have all been digitised up front. That would take years.

Newer wills would already have been digitised as per the Government Press Release in December 2014 announcing that wills were available online.

The Folio Numbers are nothing to do with the digitisation process. These will link to how the paper copies of the wills were stored at the registry.
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Re: £1.50 Wills

Postby Robbie J N » Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:41 am

Sorry, I did not word my point very well. I meant that in order to offer the service, every will should have already been scanned into their database, in order for them to offer a decent service to their customers, so it would simply be a matter of accessing it under whatever sorting system they use. I did not mean that they had actually all been scanned in already. They should be, but obviously they are not. By not already having a complete digitised database, they are just putting off what will eventually need to be done. It will (hopefully) happen, just not quite yet.

With regard to Folio Numbers - Some of the wills I ordered that have them, have the number partially cut-off from the side of the image, so I cannot really give the full digits of the number as they request. They ask for the number, but do not provide it completely! I had to simply put a question mark in place of the partial number, and add the digits that are readable, and hope they can still fulfil the order.
Robbie J N
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Re: £1.50 Wills

Postby ksouthall » Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:07 pm

Having had a closer look at the Probate Service website, it looks like 1996 is a key date for ordering probate records. You can do a simple or advanced search then you get the results in a list with the following information:

First name
Date of probate
Probate number
Date of death
Document type

This suggests that each post-1996 probate record has been individually indexed. Whether or not the probate records are already digitised is a different matter. I've just ordered a 1999 probate record to see if the turnround time is still quicker for newer records.

This contrasts with pre-1996 probate records which show the relevant pages on the Probate Calendar where the probate record would appear. If I search for my dad's in 1983, it shows two pages where it could appear. As he did not leave a will and probate was not granted until the year after, I have to click on Next Year and then look down the page to find it. This suggests the records are not indexed individually as pages without the correct surname come up in the search. The search for pre-1996 probate records is actually better on Ancestry as they have a better indexing facility.
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Re: £1.50 Wills

Postby Narnie » Sat Aug 17, 2019 3:59 pm

Further to this conversation, yesterday I received a will which went to probate in 1969. (My other unreceived wills go back earlier.) The will was certainly worth the wait but has left me puzzled. The beneficiary is a son of the same address but "currently of Box 1234, Ndola, Zambia". The will was written in 1966 when the son was about 21. The deceased was a retired shoe shop manager living in a Glasgow commuter town with no connections to Zambia as far as I know. Ndola seems to have been at the centre of copper mining but 21 seems quite young to be heading off to that. I don't think I can give the son's name as he might still be alive; his name isn't very common but common enough not to throw up anything obvious. Do I have any chance of finding him?! Suggestions/thoughts would be gratefully received!

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